BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

monday not sunday

So the week starts with some decent bass on both walls this morning, herring shoaling pre tide, mackerel and plenty of gar in a shoal also… one or two plaice reported also…

The weekend saw mixed results with a few bass of the 5-6lb mark & quite a few 1-2lb schoolies taken on lures also… mackerel & gar seemed the story of the weekend with some plaice to be found out on the sand.

Walls open 8-6pm Mon to wed with possible close on thursday (keep an eye on the home page)if the wind does pick up , currently getting very changeable forecasts , fri to mon looks fine for both walls being open during the day… any late openings after 6pm will be posted on the facebook group and to the homepage here


seems a long time ago that….

I added a post here. Unusually for late november we still have both walls open… usually east 8am & west 9am until six ish depending on numbers & how the duty warden calls it, that said friday & sat this week the walls will both stay open until 2am to allow fishing over the late tide. Hopefully if this is successfull we can add a few more dates for extended sessions.

Catches you ask ?, well plenty of whiting some of decent size, pollack while smaller than the wrecks can be had & are quite tasty, a few mackerel still to be had on baits & herring have been showing near the higher tided ,sabiki feathers best bet for them. Still some late season bass to be had prior to Decembers catch and release, if the laws dont change in Dec current laws for bass stay in place.
Squid ? yes , some, not the usually decent run though as the weather has been very disruptive but dont be ready to write of the chance to catch one or two just yet. There are still plaice & flounder about & no doubt some sole to be had also so things are still quite varied


mon 9th nov

Too few blog updates mainly to closures and not a massive amount happening during that time so best get to a catch update.

Lots of whiting some of which have been sizeable, squid have arrived brining some herring with them so get the jigs and sabiki’s packed. Bass still lurking around the marina mostly sub5lb now, a few mackerel have been caught on the clearer days and even saw a couple of bream reports. pollack showing and a few wrasse still to be had. so all in all very varied.

Covid restriction’s mean we have changed opening times on the walls to daylight hours but the duty warden has the clearance on decent tides to leave the walls open a little longer into the dark should he chose to do so .

mon 19th

There has been some fantastic fishing in the last few days with plenty of decent bass had on both walls & squid showing up both sides for the last few nights. Squidding while better at night in the autumn is not exclusive and well worth a go during the day also. Plaice have been good with some quality fish to be found as well as gar, mackerel, herring and specimin wrasse out there.

Weather is closing down the walls tues & wed but expect to be open thurs friday with more winds coming in looking to spoil things over the weekend .. good hunting folks , its plain fishy out there atm

squiddy bass

so im reliably told the squid arrived (still awaiting pics) which has been backed up on the squid uk Facebook page ! . A decent few nights with plenty of bass about (phils report he dropped a few & hit into 21 !. squid as said seem to be now showing up properly and best targeted at night. Mackerel gar & gurnards still being caught with some decent plaice to be had also….


WellMonday opened with a bang and an 8lb+ bass on the east then followed an hour or two with a binge of sole with the best going 2lb 10oz , defo biggest the wardens have seen this year . The fishing stayed good as well with plenty of sole out a decent eel looking over 8lb , plaice & gurnard thrown in with whiting stealing baits much of the day.

High winds have forced the close of both today(tues) but the east will re open wednesday morning but the west will stay closed

Thurs looks somewhat fragile in the morning & if anything impacted it will be the west wall. walls should be open normally over the weekend if the weather plays nicely

up n down

So this week has been a bit crazy, open one day closed another , mackerel every day the walls have been open with the east fishing better than the west. Gurnards, gar bass and the return of some decent plaice. Bass taking baits and lures off the east wall lower bays.

East open to 50 with some extensive work to sort above those bays which are being worked on when the weather allows.


both walls opened this morning with plenty of mackerel about .Bass taken on both walls gurnard also on the east early.

Both walls will be closed tonight as concrete repairs get finished, west will open Friday morning about 6ish .. EAST due to high winds and big tides will stay closed on Friday daytime but may yet open friday night

tues roundup

the weekend saw the return of mackerel , some on the west but the best on the east (mon tues doing well on the east) . some very nice bass coming up over the last couple of days but little sign of the autumn squid that were hoped for last week. Rays a few bream & plaice with sole starting to show some larger sizes. Plenty to be had atm for the bait anglers prior to the blow coming in wednesday… walls will close wed(latest info) but re open usual time thurday morning.

round up

was a very busy weekend , sunday more than sat with queue’s on both walls at lunchtimes. A reminder folks , the lower levels are for anglers only and everyone on the lower level should have a permit to fish … even if you have no personal fishing gear.

IF YOU ARE ON THE LOWER LEVEL EXPECT TO BE CHARGED spaces are limited and are for anglers only, yes the wardens do permit “visitors & parents of anglers” under specific reasons but the lower levels should remain anglers only.

Covid restrictions universally mean we have had to become firmer regarding numbers on the wall, gatherings of more than 6 are not permitted for any reason and will be asked to disperse or gather elsewhere off the walls. This is also part of the reason for firming up in place rules already on the walls.

Likewise , headlamps, lamps, torches & beam lights should be blue or white only , green/red lights on the wall or in the water must not be used , they are assigned colours for navigation. Tiplights of any colour are allowed.

BBQ’s and tents are a no no, if you need to cook bring a portable gas stove or got to the beach.. If you need to have a tent , keep it on the beach , the walls are for fishing & not camping/sleeping.

Catch report for the weekend

Both walls saw plenty of mackerel and gar early morning and continued up and over the high tide , sat was better for plaice & bream & sunday was a bit slower on the fish front. Decent bass had on the west sat night mid and higher up the wall on the sands… a few bream & gurnards out with plenty of bait fish down the sides. Many struggled once the low arived but perhaps that was due to the shere amout chosing to feather rather than bait fish ….

weather alert for wed/thurs with likely shut walls watch home page for updates.