BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

The Famous Tackle Box Brighton

The Famous Tackle Box Brighton


BOTH WALLS CLOSED UNTIL repairs can be completed and shop will operate at reduced hours. please see below

Frozen bait available when shop closed on west wall, see duty NIGHT warden

SHOP hrs :-

Mon 8-12pm
TUES 8-12pm
WED 8-12pm
THURS 8-12pm
FRI 7-1pm
SAT 7-1pm
SUN 7-1pm

Should any boat require bait earlier please contact us

DAY RATES :- (6am -5.59pm) ADULT 1 ROD £6 & 2 RODs £7 / EXTRA RODs £4 EACH

NIGHT RATE :- (6pm -5.59am) ADULT £10, 1 or 2 RODS if room any extra rods £5 each
CHILD/OAP £5 ,1 or 2RODs

The lower levels on the marina are for anglers only, the rule has been there 20+ years and can be seen on the many of the old signs fixed to the walls at the bottom of steps to the lower fishing level.
There are also signs on the upper levels just prior to going down the steps. as those signs says
“anglers only on lower level and ALL ON LOWER LEVER must have a permit”.
This means if an angler has other people with them on the lower level they will or should be expected to be charged.

Daytime charge rate starts at 6am/night rate starts at 6pm
A day ticket potentially can last 12 hrs if you arrive at 6am, likewise same at night
WE do guarantee 8 hours on a ticket to all anglers minimum.
Thus if you arrived at say 4am during the night session an 8 hr guarantee would take you into the day session through until mid-day, any time from this point you could then be asked to renew or leave. Likewise a 3pm ticket’s 8hr guarantee would last you until 1am and any time from this point if staying you would be expected to renew.

Please note, glass is not permitted on either wall

CLOSED until repairs completed
CLOSED until repairs completed

please read news at top
BLUE LIGHTS compulsory at night

BAIT:-WEST WALL :- Frozen bait available when shop closed see duty NIGHT warden

 …….. BOTH WALLS currently closed due to high damage levels on walls from recent storms, both likely to be closed until after the new year but if weather improved there isa slim chance on getting part of one or both walls open A.S.A.P. …F

……………………… the lower levels are ANGLERS ONLY, all on lower level must hold a valid ticket… everyone  will be charged and must hold a valid ticket 

…….NIGHT FISHING as posted west wall only.  …… NO TENTS, NO BBQ’s, OR GLASS are allowed on either wall day or night …no exceptions….BLUE LIGHTS ONLY on all powered lights. Help us to help you, please alert us to any issues and take your litter with you Thank you……………………………………………………..


BLUE headlamps and lighting only on the marina walls This includes underwater lights.(chem tip lights are ok)
blue markers will be carried by wardens during the transition

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is towpath.jpg

Please note that the towpath by the boats runs alongside residential flats. THIS PATH IS CLOSED 10PM EVERY NIGHT UNTIL 8AM.

Scooter/chair width clearance 63cm.

A MAX OF 4 PEOPLE fishing a bay please
even those NOT FISHING
VALID PERMIT/TICKET holders only .
BLUE LIGHTS ONLY at night on the walls
(tip chemical lights excepted)

Please help us to help you, any issues, please alert us, wardens are only a call away and bad behaviour on the walls should not to be tolerated by anyone
NO TENTS/GLASS OR BBQ’s allowed, no exceptions


Welcome to the Famous TackleBox Brighton.
We are located in Brighton Marina across the road from the bus stops by McDonalds.
Owned until recently (16th May 2023)by David Grinham, and now new owner Philip Metcalf. The TackleBox supply fresh bait daily and carry a wide selection of frozen baits. We have been in the Marina for over 30 years and stock a vast range of fishing equipment.
Rod & reel Combos,”ready to go” can be found on special deals alongside more specialised fishing equipment.
– – –
we stock a wide assortment of
  • Bait
  • Rods
  • Reels
  • Rod Rests
  • Clothing
  • End Tackle
  • Specialised weights
  • We also do some limited rod repairs and builds

<><>Major announcement<><>

marina walls and shop get new management and owners

A message from Dave and a changing of the guard

Well I’m sure most of you out there have heard the rumours of my intention to relinquish the management of the marina fishing arms.
  Well here it is officially!

From Tuesday 16th of may one of my wardens, namely Mark Robinson takes over that responsibility.
  Mark has worked hard over the last four years to earn this chance to manage what is in effect one of the biggest sea fishing venues anywhere that is open to the public, and I’m sure  you will all wish him every success.

Also on that same day I will be saying goodbye to my shop “The Famous Tackle Box”. The new owner is Philip Metcalf who has a good knowledge of all things sea fishing and will retain all my wonderful staff through this transition.

I would like to say a massive thanks to all my wardens who have helped over the last 28 years, YOU Know who you are,  and the many others. Without their help I could never have carried on for so long.
Thank you also to all of my staff, past and present in the tackle shop and of course all of my many customers old and new, both on the walls and in the shop in all of its locations.

At this point I would also like to thank the many friends that I have made along the way, I will miss you all.
Special thanks also for all the help with the social media and maintenance issues goes out to good friends
Frank Parker/ Craig Gosling/ Robin (fishyRob) Howard/ Steve Cooper and anyone else I have no doubt that I have missed out there.

I will still be about the marina, Jet washing (surprise surprise) and assisting Mark with some of the maintenance jobs.
I can’t wait to do some fishing on the walls so I may well see some you all down there one day soon.
Last of all my thanks to the marina directors
 John Davey, Andrew Knight, and Colin Tribe for all of their support and backing over the years and thanks also to their security and cleaning staff
Thank you all

Dave Grinham

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
A note from myself (frank)
I like a few out there have know these changes were coming but to see it actually in text on the website still comes with stirred emotions.

Ive know Dave as long as Ive known the marina, either to fish it or as a warden or indeed at times in the shop but much much more than that as a friend to myself and family and to the many anglers he has helped so freely in so many ways.

Obviously I wish Philip Metcalf and Mark Robinson the greatest success with the shop and walls which have been even before I was aware of them:) but boy does it seem strange that there is now a changing of the guard so to speak!

Needless to say any help to both I can give will be given and this website will continue for the benefit of the tacklebox and the marina fishing walls.

Dave, your familiar face will be missed in the shop and on the walls not only as a boss and familiar face to many but mostly as a friend by the many whose lives (Including mine) you have touched. Hope to see you out there fishing really soon.
regards to all

Final words from Dave can be found on the blog dated 13th May 2023

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