BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

The East Wall

The East Wall

Please, a maximum of 2 rods per person

Please note there is no parking in the east small carpark near the café of ANY kind
All parking is in the Multi Storey, please avoid a fine, park wisely

EAST wall access from Monday 9th of May will be via side gate as essential work begins on the upper level. Access to the lower level is for anglers only and will last 4-5 months. Lower level east is open now fully to bay 74 so I am told.Upper level is closed to all.


WALL OVERCROWDING :- please note east wall spaces are strictly controlled

All on the lower level should have a valid ticket, fishing or not a ticket is required
If you fish with a non angler they will be charged . Lower levels of both walls are strictly anglers only and everyone will be charged accordingly, (juniors may be excepted at the discretion of the duty warden)

Please, a maximum of 2 rods per person

Fishing Charges

A ticket is valid for a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 12 hours depending on when you start fishing

Spectators that are allowed to stay on the lower level will be charged £5.00

A 6-6 session being the maximum of 12 hours, a ticket guarantees you 8 hrs minimum

Adults £5.00 1 Rod or £6.00 for 2 Rods this is Per Person
Juniors(u18) £3.00 A rod or £4.00  for 2 Rods Per Person

Seniors £3.00 A rod or £4.00 for 2 Rods Per Person

Handlines and bait collection nets £2.00
Please, a maximum of 2 rods per person when busy

So, the long walk as some call it. The east wall or Breakwater is at the far end of the marina, It is also the way to get at the undercliff walk footpath. Turn left in the corner for the cliff walk turn right to the wall.

A MAX OF 4 TO A BAY please,
The duty warden has the discretion to allow household members to share a bay subject to any covid rules set and there is no impact on others fishing nearby.


Fishing the wall

How do you pay and how much is is ? Wall fees are collected by a duty warden, They wear a green “marina warden” jacket and carry id. Wall fees are shown below, while there is no night fishing at the moment we hope this will change soon. So best to start with some wall rules.

  • Supermarket Trollies or marina barrows not allowed on the wall or anywhere else in the marina
  • No BBQ’s or open fires,
  • small gas burners are permitted
  • U14 Must be accompanied at all times
  • Night fishing,(when allowed) U18’s Must be with an Adult
  • No casting inside or Pendulum casting
  • No running
  • No climbing on fences, wires or front wall
  • Alcohol, please in moderation NO GLASS BOTTLES PERMITTED
  • no tents
  • please check the fish sizes guides
  • Shelters may be permitted by duty warden in adverse weather

We ask all visitors to respect others, moderate any music volumes, to be respectful to others around them. Drinking is allowed but please within reasonable limits. And please take all litter with you, skip bins are provided at the ends of both walls.

Duty Wardens and issues on the wall

Every day there will be a duty warden (nights included when allowed to open) Wardens are there not only to collect money and issue wall fishing permits but to also ensure wall safety for all visitors.

They will often offer advice and directions on the walls. Wardens may ask to check catches to ensure legal sizes are being adhered to (see size regs page) or simply give some tips on what to fish for or with.

Any problems for visitors should be directed towards the wardens, or if not available visitors should ring the shop (01273 696477) for guidance. Often a swift resolution can be found or the duty warden can be notified and sent to assist.

Please respect our wardens, they are there to help and guide visitors, and while issues do arise that may need intervention we have a zero tolerance policy towards abuse of our wardens and shop staff.


Please note  at night  any under 18’s MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Lets fish the wall

So the most common question answered , what can I expect to catch on the wall ? There is no quick answer, weather, winds, general conditions and even what bay you are on can make big or subtle differences, on a good day in summer one warden witnessed over 25 separate species caught by two anglers! granted not all from the same bay so as very basic guide to some of the bays & what may be about during a visit, I will list some species but leave it to you to figure if they were summer or winter catches and will begin with a note for junior interests then move onto bay one.

Occupying the Juniors

Juniors should stay with adults at all times , the age allowed on the wall unsupervised is 14 and if night fishing 18. Catches for juniors with light gear can be found literally down the side or V’s where the wired posts are. Many a micro species can be found on most bays ranging from small scorpion fish to blennies, pout, rockling sprats and crabs. Light lines down the side can occupy even the smallest on the wall

Bays 1-8 The Low Bays

These are often overlooked by the casual angler as “no good” due to being rocky, snaggy and sometimes no water on the low tides. They are regularly fished for mullet, pollack and Bass. Often floats are used here to avoid the bottom. Wrasse are common from bay 4 upwards to bay 10 with bream catches from 6 up to 14 area. Eels mackerel and gar not unusual here also.

Bays 8- 15 after the rough

These bays tend to be overspill bays for those wanting to fish “the bend. The lower end is still rough and rocky but by 12 its changing to mussel bed and shingle bottom. Flatfish are common catches here with more flounder chances than most of the remaining wall. Plaice do ok as do dover sole catches hire. Close in bream, wrasse, bass, mullet, and squid and cuttlefish. Common to see floats used here but mostly casting out is the usual battle plan for many.

Bays 15-22 onto the bend

These can be busy bays, as the tides change it can “run fast” and crossed lines are most common here , wardens untangling lines & cooling frayed moods here are not unusual. Not really bays for the novice and newcomer but sometimes you take what you can get on what is a very busy wall and bay area. most summer species will be caught here and the bottom is now out onto the sand. Flatfish do well, gurnards, red mullet, brill, small turbot and rays are a regular feature here , the downside is on the big tides you often need big weights unless fishing down the side.

Bays 22-45 the “front end”

So mid wall & onto the straight bit, when fully open this is where the spaces open up & the bottom is allegedly all sand & snag free. Ideal for the beginners as you go further up & plenty of room to spread out a little away from the crowds. Flatties in abundance, gurnards, rays, bass sometimes herring in the spring, squid during their mating runs ! Gar & mackerel aplenty here occasionally bream on selective numbers & even pollack been known here. The higher bays here are the spread out and chill bays of the wall where much seems to slow down & have a chilled out feel to them.

Bays 45-50 The steps & beyond

Much seen by regulars as the quiet space away from the crowds with the easy access via the steps from the upper level. Just about everything mentioned so far can sometimes be found here. Its far away from the faster current of the bend and has a good view of boats coming and going from the marina. A popular spot for night anglers “of a certain age” wanting a bit of peace and quiet. Can be very productive one day & very hard work another. It gets a mix of flat fish & often species headed toward the rocks a bit further up past the dogleg in the walls shape.

Bays 50-61Where the club’s at

These higher bays are often the hang out of the Palace pier club members. For many of them its a place to gather unhindered from the casual visitors and those that don’t fancy “the walk” Rocks to the right of 61 and sand in front of the bays can produce some very good and varied fishing. Pollack are common and bass fishing for the patient can be rewarding. Bream, wrasse, pollack , mullet and bass lurk around or in the rocks.

Bay 60 was the favourite spot for Eddie “JOCK” Tannock to float fish, Eddie was a much loved member of the shop team until his passing, a memorial plaque can be found on the counter in the tacklebox.

Bay 61 to 73

These bays are all rock barrier to protect the Breakwater front & mostly unfished as casting and retrieving is often problematic. Some do fish it & mostly rock bound species are found here.

Bay 74 “The end”

The final bay on the wall just in front of the end “round” bit. This bay needs to be fished with caution as it is virtually on top of the marina entrance so special care needs to be taken with line distances & a duty of care towards all boat traffic in and out of the buys marina entrance., Flatfish do well here especially sole, bream and wrasse are common to the left in the rocky crevasses. This bay is a very popular bay & has often seen “races to the end” to be first onto the bay.