BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING .. Shop opens 8am customers are asked to respect residents in the square and wait quietly OUTSIDE of marina square until 8am

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING .. Shop opens 8am customers are asked to respect residents in the square and wait quietly OUTSIDE of marina square until 8am

Night Fishing

Night Fishing

both walls sat 14th

Please note the east carpark is for drop off/pick up only. If you park in the east car park you will get a ticket/fine

Urinating or using the upper levels or any other part of the marina as a toilet will not be tolerated. Any extra evening openings on the wall will be in jeopardy if anglers fail to use the correct facilities or urinate on upper levels of the wall (or lower)
As we plan to extend hours on either wall anglers are also reminded to not use marina trollies or indeed any supermarket trollies, these make a huge amount of noise and are becoming a major noise nuisance at night to residents. Likewise noise levels of anglers at night should be kept to a minimum.



BLUE LIGHTS PREFERED white lights tolerated

NO RED OR GREEN LIGHTS(glow chemical tip lights are fine any colour but please no battery powered bulbs of blue or red) Anglers please be aware that behaviour last year when we re-opened at night was a serious concern AND WILL NOT be tolerated by any duty warden, please help us to help you and keep the marina walls open at night , thankyou

ANGLERS ONLY on the lower fishing level and all must have a valid ticket fishing or not. Numbers are tightly monitored, thus a ticket is expected of everyone on the lower fishing level

MAX 4 to a bay please.


Please note, All lights(not tip lights) used on the marina walls should be either blue or clear in colour. GREEN AND RED are navigation colours and should not be used



The toilet block MAY STAY OPEN if the numbers using the wall warrant it with the extension closed to general use.

The extension may at the discretion of the duty warden be opened subject to meeting requirements at the time of need.

Booking enquiries for the extension should be made directly with Dave (a minimum of 8 for this please)

As with day fishing there is a no fishing “inside” policy, any breaches of this will see anglers banned.

Tents BBQ’s & Shelters

After discussions it has been decided there will remain a NO TENT policy,

Beach buddy type shelters with open fronts will be allowed at night ONLY. The lower levels remain anglers only and with open shelters the duty warden can swiftly see that only anglers are using the wall, we wish to discourage camping or the appearance of a campsite on either wall, after all anglers should be fishing not sleeping with the limited space on the walls we all want to fish & find a space on the wall.

BBQ’s are not allowed nor any other fossil fuel type of fire, we do allow small controllable gas burners for cooking. There is also now a no glass policy on the walls

Night charges

Night charges will remain the same as daytime charges

MAX 4 TO A BAY. Social distance rules apply

The duty warden has the discretion to allow household members to share a bay subject to any covid rules set providing it doesnt impact on other users

Fishing the walls

How do you pay and how much is is ? Wall fees are collected by a duty warden, (set up start fishing a warden will find you)They wear a green “marina warden” jacket and carry id. Wall fees are shown below, So best to start with some wall rules.

  • Supermarket Trollies or marina barrows not allowed on the wall
  • No BBQ’s or open fires,
  • small gas burners are permitted
  • U14 Must be accompanied at all times
  • Night fishing, U18’s Must be with an Adult
  • No casting inside or Pendulum casting
  • No running
  • No climbing on fences, wires or front wall
  • Alcohol , please in moderation (no glass please)
  • Currently no tents
  • please check  the legal sizes guides

We ask all visitors to respect others, moderate any music volumes, to be respectful to others around them. Drinking is allowed but please within reasonable limits. And please take all litter with you, skip bins are provided at the ends of both walls.

Duty wardens and issues on the walls

Every day there will be a duty warden (nights included when allowed to open) Wardens are there not only to collect money and issue wall fishing permits but to also ensure wall safety for all visitors.

They will often offer advice and directions on the walls. Wardens may ask to check catches to ensure legal sizes are being adhered to (see size regs page) or simply give some tips on what to fish for or with.

Any problems for visitors should be directed towards the wardens or if not available visitors should ring the shop (01273 696477) for guidance. Often a swift resolution can be found or the duty warden can be notified and sent to assist. The facebook group can also get a swift contact response if needed.

Please respect our wardens, they are there to help and guide visitors, and while issues do arise that may need intervention we have a zero tolerance policy towards abuse of our wardens and shop staff.

Wall charges

A ticket is valid for a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 12 hours, everyone using the fishing area must hold a valid ticket, even non anglers

A 6-6 session being the maximum of 12 hours

Adults £5.00 A Rod or £6.00  for 2 Rods Per Person
Juniors £3.00 A rod or £4.00  for 2 Rods Per Person

Seniors £3.00 A rod or £4.00 for 2 Rods Per Person

Please note  at night  any under 18’s MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.