BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

round up

yeee haaaaaaaa its round up time …. ok a slight over do !. Angler numbers this weekend were quite low, it seems that everyone has got the idea that fishing the marina at the weekend is pointless as its sooooo busy !. Well I can confirm that it is defo not the case with plenty of room Fri, Sat and Sunday on both walls, I know this as I saw it myself.

I fished on Saturday on the east with a friend(yes I have some:) ) and there was no problem with finding a fee bay at any time we were there.!
Catch wise and conditions were not like full summer thus there was some string weed in the water and it was somewhat coloured but still looking a bit greenish. Mr weatherman said it would be nice and sunny for October so off we went and guess what , mr weatherman was right.
The weather was superb, My m8 & I struggled to catch , mainly due to very very lazy fishing while we chewed the fat and gabbed through most of the decent bites. End of day I assumed I’d blanked as posted up as such but literally on last cast I reeled in an ok sized silver eel, my mate managed a flounder that was doing its best to look like a plaice.

Regarding the eel other than not wanting to keep most here will also realise |( I hope) that all silver eels should be returned as they are under a long term protection order. For those unsure what can and can’t be kept please take a look at the size charts on the website that lists basic sizes and also fish that should be returned. A few bay up were 3 lads fishing who were all new to the lark but keen to learn anything that other anglers were happy to teach and after a swift chat about the nice shad they had caught it was returned & I would like to think it was ok after being put back.

Other catches over the weekend ? while numbers of catches were not high there was a decent tally for the species list with Gurnard, plaice, flounder, bass, silver & conger eels, mackerel I will come back to in detail, sole, whiting, bream, squid (yup still about)wrasse and some small rays. No doubt we are fast closing in on whiting and dogfish season but well worth getting some sessions in as the weather for October is gorgeous in-spite of the occasional blow through. Not bad considering that October can be filled with some very Autumnal winds.
On to the mackerel report, Sat & sun both walls were getting little scatterings of mackerel, best was at high tide but no real fixed best time to catch, you simply had to try for them as there was little sign of any shoal(S) out there but there were loads of small tho in sized joeys, perfect to live bait for bass with (even conger) overall no decent sized ones but about in reasonable numbers on both walls throughout the day.
I lack and real night info for the last week other than that Dave G had a 25+lb sea slug of the west mid week and Armando landed a nice cod also of the extension while fishing through the night.
For those planning to night fish this week there are possible closed nights on Tues/Wed, and a definite close on Friday night, SAT & SUN are looking good to go with both having northerly forecasts and mild 11-12c nights, Mon night looks a tad colder and more easterly wind.
Thats it for today, weather looking good out there atm and there will be night fishing tonight, sochin chin and tata from me as I bid you once more Adieu