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33 Waterfront Brighton Marina Village BN2 5WA 01273 696477

Author: drenai

w/end shut

So Friday was a grubby day, west wall was shut due to the wind speeds, managed the east open & at least one mackerel was caught, tbh that was likely it as still lacking much in the way of feedback from the east wall when its open.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is john-sired_03_07_20_east_o.jpgBoth walls will be closed Saturday and Sunday with normal opening times come Monday assuming there is no further changes to the forecast. Shop has fresh lug in stock and a reminder that night fishing will restart on Friday on the west every day subject to conditions & as a trial Sat nights only on the East wall.
Pic, John Sired East 03/06/2020


should have posted yesterday, forgot , bass,bass, bass, eels, n bass…. Having re opened on the east after blowy conditions it had a couple of very good days for those hunting bass…. did I mention bass ? 🙂

Today a bit tougher going, west was open for the morning but very testing conditions in the “breeze” , heard of some sole, a bass or two & lots of wet bodies… west closed mid afternoon as the wind rose. East open til 9 tonight & open again in the morning. West expected to stay shut now for a few days. Lack reliable news from the east to fairly comment on catches today.

Oh and the warden announced mackerel mid afternoon caught also … numbers unknown though.


Sunday roundup

Walls were closed on Saturday so nothing to say there. Sunday Phil(pieman) opened the walls just after 8am having done a safety check. Conditions blowy and unpleasant. Plenty of water splashing up from the start. In a nutshell the day was one of getting wet from water plumes , some conger and a few schoolies. Both walls are closed Monday with a review later regarding Tuesday. Likely west closed & east open.


I fished the west on Wednesday, can’t say it was easy by any means & tbh tough going for all, some bream & plaice the general fair of the day with a fair few smaller bits down the side.

Crabs still about in numbers on the west wall but thinning fast on the east. Bream plaice & bass to be had with wed/thurs seeing a few mackerel on both walls over the high.
Friday started quietly , similar pattern to the rest of the week, flatties on the sand , bream over the rougher marks….. Then came the high tide…. and the mackerel. Phone calls increased from 3-4pm & by 7pm various reports of “tons of mackerel” so today I guess the phrase is

YES the mackerel are in ! BUT……

weather warning ,

Both walls will be shut due to high winds on Saturday , as things stand the west will be shut on Sunday & the shop will review things to see if its ok to open the east for fishing on Sunday.

Plaice, bream, mackerel, wrasse, gurnard & crabs all caught today as well as a few micro species down the sides

tues/wed roundup

Not a massive amount to say tbh most reports again are for the west & both days briefly over the high saw a few mackerel(under 25) on both days. Bream & a plaice here n there is the tale of both days tbh & mid wall still dominated by crabs.

On the subject of crabs, certain parties have taken to collecting big numbers of large crabs , like by the box , it has been noticed & any future occurrences the people responsible will be kicked off the wall. The legal limit is 10 per person per 24 hr session not a tacklebox full for flogging in a restaurant

Back to the wall, a little tip , take suncream, its stupidly hot out there

Plaice N Bream

Plaice n bream , starting to sound like some chant eh, both seem to be the sand by for those not catching those big bass! Sluggish day with sketchy reports so this one seems to have a lot of padding.

No real reports to speak of from the east other than “plaice n bream” & similar on the west with the added bonus of a few mackerel, wrasse & the occasional bass had on the west wall.

Going to have a dabble on the west myself tomorrow, lets see what the day brings

fathers day

So, fathers day started off damp windy & the walls very bumpy, seems that suited those hunting bass on the west today with fabian having it large on the low bays, and mid wall Nick Gibbs fishing

with his son also didnt do too shabbily , take a bow master Gibbs on another great bass & what a superb way to learn as a junior.

No details of the baits used by Nick & son but fabian is doing well on the prawns of late. Seems one or 2 great pics overshadowed much of the catch reports and others simply forgot to pass on catch info today … perhaps some updates will follow in the morning.

saturday so soon

So , the usual plaice & bream on both walls the last two days with the added bonus yesterday of the bass going back on the feed. Prawns inshore & crabs doing the damage on the walls it seems

Tann Ma on the east today

The local beaches last night did very well for bass with some decent pics sent in onto the facebook group for the marina. This morning has got off to a decent species count (other than large crabs) with bass small smoothounds and wrasse amongst the catches

Mohamed Yaz, wrasse

Plenty of Black & ragworm in shop at time of typing

Thurs info lacking report

So a first attempt at doing a report from the mobile while the pc is doing an enforced widows update. Very different layout so could be interesting.

So, struggling for reports on the marina fb group and not much feedback from the walls the last 2-3 days other than the following…..

East wall, the plaice are doing ok but there are may small ones out there, please if it wont make a decent meal put the back, I promise, they get bigger than the recommended keep size of 28cm. Gurnards now starting to increase in numbers may suggest that the crabs are moving off the sand and allowing other fish at the walls.

some bream scattered amongst the bays and baby smothies and rays caught to top up the species counters.

Over on the west the mainstay is bream, a few wrasse showing as well with some flatties lower and mid wall regions. Yes there are still crabs but many now finishing their moulting and shell shedding so the numbers should slow up

A reminder to all using the marina, we are in a marine controlled zone (mcz) of beachyhead west and that comes with specialised rules and limits on some things

Spider crab collection is 10 pee person a day and must be 10cm across the back. Prawns 1litre collection allowed per day per person.

Fish size recommendation can be found on the “size regs” page