.. Shop opens 8am customers are asked to respect residents in the square and wait quietly OUTSIDE of marina square until 8am

.. Shop opens 8am customers are asked to respect residents in the square and wait quietly OUTSIDE of marina square until 8am

Author: drenai

mini round up

Seems i missed a few days , real life & fishing got in the way so in reverse,

west wall round up for thursday …Arrived 8.30ish night report was mackerel, horse mackerel & some more mackerel, seems night dude saw little else worth a mention.Morning was a slow tick of mackerel , 3 or 4 here n there mostly on main section of the wall, extension struggled to see any mackerel, A few bream showed on the high around mid day but very few of a size to keep. Mid day a bit of a rarity as previously posted a 42cm codling on bay 20 for Jason , not bad for a newcomer to sea fishing!..mid day to 5pm , mackerel on higher main wall bays ticked over right to the low tide but little else had all along the wall. The only feedback from the east i had was it was very slow going

Wed I went fishing , invite out on a charter boat , plenty of congers nr the wind farm ! I boated 4 and lost 4 conger , largest about 5-7lb I guestimate. Bream shac, mackerel, horse mac & some decent bream, came inshore for plaice .. that was a bust as more bream & then gurnards came to the boat … Great to be out and a great days fishing for me.

mon tues , the wall catches dominated by mackerel & at night horse mac , one or 2 squid being reported & some bass. Bream catches seemed to have slowed with mostly small “put back” sizes. Plaice on the east also seem to be a bit hit and miss at the moment, thats it for today … over n out …

sat roundup

wandered up and down the west yesterday for the day … was a bit splashy with the SW wind/breeze but fishable. Busy from the start with the morning high & a fair few mackerel coming out…. which was tbh how it went most of the morning other than a small rag on bay 5 & a dropped conger of 5lb ish on 18… low tide many went home & against the forcast the wind increased making things very wet for those that persevered. Wind+ spashy+ dirty water equalled a steady run of mackerel would you believe & that really was the story of the day .. west closed for an hour late afternoon until the winds eased back & Im told the night fishing was steady but not brilliant.. highlight was a 15lb conger which i will try to source a piccy for the website later.

During the week , mackerel have ticked over mainly on the highs morning early and last lights… plaice still doing well & bream dropping off. SQUID made an appearance mid week with 5 caught thursday night … yayyy for many waiting on them showing. Rays,eels & a few bass have been caught also during the week with horse mac at night also

The “M” word

Mackerel have returned … in numbers it seems. East wall having the best of it as conditions caused the west to be somewhat lumpy over the last couple of days… water has cleared out now though so should be some very good days. Rays & decent bass to be had . Bream still about on the west & even a rumour of a few garfish to be had. Plaice in all the usual spots.
Night fishing this week , wed , thurs,fri,sat and sundays

reminder please, no tents or BBQ’s , ty

busy weekend

So finally the weather has played nice, both walls got opened for night fishing this weekend & there have been some cracking fish had. (some of which have been added to the website and facebook group). Bass , rays eels plenty of mackerel bream plaice sole doing very well and even locally some cod.

Night fishing to continue tonight but not monday or tuesday nights for the time beeing. Work on the east is due to finish this month though no finish date given as yet … hopefully not too long now

B/H monday

west report , mackerel spread along most of the wall but no high amounts this morning on the high. Some decent bream on the lower reaches of the wall as well as plaice scattered along the lower half of the wall also. Extension did ok for bream & a few mackerel but tbh lacking real reports up that end. A 4.5lb bass mid wall for a regular (Hiro).

No info from the east at time of typing

bank hol mackies

mackies reported on the west this evening also a shoal of horse mackerel for good measure . Night fishing wednesday night but looking like a possible close on thurs if the blow pushes through. Fresh black available in the morning in shop . Both walls open no issues

Bank holiday is here

Most reports this week are dominated by enforced shut doans or very weedy fishing in churned up water. The result , plenty of bass to be had on prawn live baits & larger chunky baits. Fabian again showing some on how its done with live prawns on the west & “phil the bass” not only catching six pounders but passing on tips to others also. Plaice and eels the mainstay on the east with the bass, over on the west a similar story, waves weed & bass… add in some bream, eels & occasional plaice & there is the summary for the last few days.
weather looking decent for the next week or so for a change with night fishing begining on wednesday on both walls .

Its been a while

Blog updates missing due to pc repair delay, so , Weather has been a bit flakey lats week to 10 days so some closing has hampered the fishing.

Bream , doing well on both walls… A few gars showing but not many. More trigger fish coming up on the west to people targeting bream …nice alternative to have eh 🙂 … Plaice mostly on the east over the sand but some on the lower west bays also. Mullet , worked for on the lower bays of both walls to a couple of regular mullet targeters. Bass back to doing well with quite a few 3-5lb markers. West wall saw another nice topknot as an unexpected catch … Mackerel still very sporadic but then the conditions have not been too suitable with coloured water & weed running through. Reports of squid seem a little premature but cuttle are being caught just offshore

It seems autumn is almost upon us with this flakey weather with sudden high winds & “April ” showers thrown into the mix.

Upside on the news front is the east wall repairs closing towards an end which means the shop will review again night fishing in the very near future one all the checks on the upper region of the east wall have been done.

wed updates

Trigger fish ! , seems we are now getting a few over the last couple of weeks , global warming ? no idea possible.. who knows, they do make for a nice addition to the catch list though. Bream coming up steadily now on both walls with some mackerel, although not many they are about for the boats morning and late evening. Seems a plague of horse mackerel out there as well.

My trip out was hard work in the sun though some decent bream were had along with plenty of horse mackerel and mackerel as well as eels down on college rocks.. Eldest son sporting red all over especially the sock line , youngest son just about got away with it & went red on the edge of burning.. a refreshing change to get out & the old body held up until I got home… just..


Sunday round up

Bream numbers now increasing on both walls & it seems that bait is the best way to go for some decent fish. Plaice , sole, wrasse, rays of decent sizes and plenty of smaller species down the sides.

Reports of mackerel are few and far between ATM but decent reports deal way so expect them back soon in numbers . On the wall a few mackies reported fri/sat but no big amounts.

Im out for a dabble tomorrow on a charter for the 1st time this year , hopeful of a few bream at least.