BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Author: drenai

Easter sun

So a quick update for anyone still reading this blog πŸ™‚ I’m told there are at least still two of you :).
Both walls opened yesterday, The WEST up to the gate of the toilet block and the EAST was or is OPEN to bay 36.
Unfortunately the coming week is looking crap but the walls are open today and Monday and the EAST is hoped to have open Tuesday weather gods allowing.
From Mon night close the west will then stay closed all week as a blow pushes through. This also means that from Tues shut time on the EAST both walls will be shut for the rest of the week.

So that’s the boring bit done , what’s going on on the fishy front?
The EAST for its 1st day open fished quite well by I guess current standards. The water is still coloured but the brown stain has now turned to a dark green stain, sadly it will be brown again come next weeks end!
Species caught on the EAST included Plaice (most undersize) whiting surprisingly few dogfish (yay)and even a schoolie bass or two had. The Congers wer in decent numbers no doubt due to the free run they have had on that side with no one fishing.

Over on the facebook group Lee Townsend posted a decent day report with his two young lads getting in on some conger with the best over 10lb.
I will repeat his words here>>

Fished the east arm with the boys today. Was great to be back out on there. Massive thank you to the guys for getting the wall sorted. We had a mixed day of whiting. Small plaice, dog fish and some congers. Lost a monster conger at the surface but that’s how it goes some times . But my middle son managed to catch and bring to the net completely solo his first double figure conger at 10lb 7. So we’ll chuffed for him and my youngest had one at just under 7 lb which again he bought to the net totally unaided. Very proud dad moments.
Would also like to say a huge thank you to the guy that helped me get and secure the 10lb eel in the net . Think we would have lost it without your help.

Over on the WEST the story was very similar but quite a few less fishing that side I guess most took advantage of the Easts 1st day open.

I will also add here a reminder about fish sizes as the subject was very quickly raised in the evening on one of the fishing groups (didnt take long eh) a concern about people keeping undersized fish , in this case conger straps that they felt were undersized.
Please 1st check the “size reg” page on this website for recommended sizes as posted by Sussex IFCA. Once you are sure of sizes and still concerned there are 2 options that are obvious.
You can either engage with the angler, a simple hello to your neighbour often works wonders as an ice breaker, have a chat with them, they may not even be aware there are controls in the UK as many other countries have no size limits.
Obviously a chat is the simplest route but not always a safe option so, if you are not comfy chatting with them please find a way to contact a warden.
A call to the shop can get them alerted, FB message myself (frank) or any of the marina group mods, Mark and Nick are on FB so there are ways to alert us to any issues.
I hate posts on FB complaining about something that happened once the person is home. By then it is too late and while letting the wardens know there may be a problem for them, 6+ hrs after it happened is too late to do anything about the problem. Please help us to help you, we cant sort an issue unless we know about it at the time.
Anyhooo thats it from me today, weather situations and changes will get posted as soon as I get the info so for now from me it is ADIEU

Tuesday round up

OK so, the update most have been waiting for regarding the EAST WALL and when will it be ready.

The EAST is NOW ready to open this week. Unfortunately both walls will be closed WED & THURS
Friday is a possible, but not definite on the east and will be confirmed by Mark in a day or two as we are watching the weather closely and it seems like it “don’t wanna play nice”
Once open like the WEST both will open 7am til 5pm initially with the east access from bays 1 to bay 36 as there is still more work to do.
WEST WALL will be closed WED & THURS and maybe shut FRI.
So far SAT & SUN look ok for the WEST
SAT looks good for the EAST SUN will call nearer the time.

Many thanks to David Grinham and Phil(the pieman) for getting the wall in shape

Catch wise fairly limited on coloured water & mostly dogs and small plaice
Thats it for now
I will bid you all ADIEU

Mon update 18 March

The Water is still very coloured and brown looking, as a result the “Spring” species are somewhat limited atm on the west.
The WEST is currently open daily from 7am til 5pm and hopefully Dave is progressing with the work on the EAST this week and night fishing is still to be organised.
I took a walk along the west on Saturday as I was in the marina and there seemed a fair few out in the sun taking advantage of the wall being open.
As I said earlier the species were somewhat limited with mostly dogfish that seemed to be somewhat ravenous and were about in good numbers making the fishing quite easy for many.

Now, I often hear people say when asked “what ya caught” reply with a common phrase … Just Bl**dy dogfish m8. Well for a change i’m going to stick up for these much picked on fish. They may well be a pain to get off the hook sometimes and they may be a pain when it comes to skinning them but IN MY VIEW they are actually not bad to eat and quite versatile. Many Spanish hotels serve them up (granted they are a bit larger than what we get in the UK,) often sliced in a cross section and served with a large variety of sauces. In the UK I often hear people use dogfish in the same manner as scampi and cut into chunks and battered. If you are feeling really adventurous here is something dead simple to do with it.

Cut the flesh into small chunks, heat a pan with some butter and quick fry the flesh, add flour to the pan and stir so it makes a roux (a flour /butter paste) and add cream(if you are feeling extravagant) or milk to make a white sauce. season the sauce as u wish lightly. serve with rice.
If you want to play posh, make the sauce with single cream and add a shot of pernod ! trust me its gorgeous, try it and thank me next time you see me on the wall πŸ™‚
Right, I mentioned dogfish caught on the wall, anything else I hear being asked ?
Well the plaice have done ok over the last few days of being open as well. As some of the regulars to the banjo groyne area of Brighton beaches will tell you there are tons of plaice out there. On the beach they are being reported on some days by anglers of coming up in double and triple shots.
Now, dont expect this catch rate on the west as the sand patches for plaice to lurk are fewer than along the beaches. That said there have been ok numbers of plaice being caught although a good number are somewhat marginal in size and have little flesh on them.

The Msl for plaice seems to have changed recently and I am grateful to “WARREN HAYES” for alerting me to the size change when it was incorectly posted to the marina group. Why they reduced the size I don’t know but its now inline with flounder at 27cm
When on the wall I have always made a point to anglers regarding small fish. While many are within the “legal size to take” my input has always been to ask the angler
“DO YOU think that fish is big enough to make a decent meal? “
Its a simple question, but often overlooked. Fish management is not just down to those that make the rules, it is also down to us, those that catch the fish.

Now I realise there is the old stand by of “BUT THEM commercials take everything”
well I am firmly in the camp of fish better, fish sensibly, fish responsibly. It is we, or us the anglers that know the rules and claim to know better that lead the way and teach the young and the novice anglers out there. So it is up to us to do our bit to show others the way to go, take what you need, stick to sensible sizes and spread the word. It may only be a small dent but stocks are falling and I think its time that recreational angler not only were more aware but were also more responsible and in some little way did a little to help preserve falling stocks and maybe speak up when we can, over fish and waste is not just the fault of commercial fleets and as anglers I think we have a responsibility to look after what we have and to pass on that need to fish better and to fish responsibly.

I realise the last section may seem like me preaching but I think its important that anglers realise we need to be SEEN by the public to be responsible anglers and I don’t just mean just picking up litter where we fish.

The public often have a poor image of anglers because they leave litter on beaches, leave tackle to harm kids and dogs on beaches, dead fish like dogfish get dumped almost anywhere(i once saw a bag of rotting mackerel in a layby 40 miles from any beach !)
For anglers that fish the marina the biggest thing we can do to improve the image of anglers is such a simple thing, it often gets overlooked when in a rush to get the rod & line back over the side into the water and that is all down to fish care and respect for what we are catching.
Anglers forget that once landed we have a LIVING CREATURE in our hands or on the floor, leaving the fish to flap around on the floor is the worst image we give out yet is so simple to solve, and is something I near always finding myself reminding people of. If you are keeping the fish, please KILL THE FISH, don’t leave it to suffocate on the ground. If its to be returned, handle with a damp cloth and return once any weighing or pic taking is quickly done.
Its easy to do and sets an example to everyone that you can fish sensibly and without needless cruelty to creature that suffocate out of the water.

Right, sermon over, hopefully the water will start clearing soon as the water temp I am told is a little above the average already and with luck the EAST will be ready in time for the hoped for spring squid run which was the topic of a chat I had on the wall when up there this weekend with one well known squidder. We both felt that last years run was a non event and hopefully the east can be ready in time to get the squid comp rolling (projected dates on the event section)with the event dependant on when they start showing.
The plaice comp will be re-arranged once we have both walls sorted and there are plans with the shop to start hosting some affordable friendly comps on the walls for which I may ask for a volunteer or three to help manage the events as & when we need mainly as a marshal to simply verify catches & make sure ppl are within any set rules. You may even be able to fish the event as well if we can have a few “spotters” dotted in amongst those fishing it.
I plan to get together with Mark to sort out what we need for each comp re wall space so that we can get the best out of the event without too much disruption to the normal running of the walls.

Well considering a chat I had with someone on Sat about why there arnt many blog posts this has turned out to be a long one that says little of whats being caught ! so until next time I post I will as usual bid you all ADIEU

Fri update

Walls closed today.
The west will open SAT 7am til 5pm
On sunday very likely to be a delayed opening as the poor weather passes so as is ATM the west expected open at about mid-day Sunday , close 5pm.
Next week west open 7am til 5pm daily

Thats it for now so until later I bid you all ADIEU


Just a quick update from the WEST as ive no info on jet washing progress since the last update.

So, the west opened on Saturday and subject to conditions will be open daily 7am til 5pm. Things weren’t over pleasant this weekend, I guess a typical grey sky weekend for Early march. Water coloured and quite a biting easterly so not the greatest of time to be sat out in the elements on a beach or wall somewhere.

Plenty of dogfish about if you like that sort of thing and the usual whiting coming out.
There are some bass out there for those that know where/when to be looking for them and lures are doing ok for them. I’m guessing most looking here will be hunting plaice reports or even early summer species of which so far there is little signs.
The beaches along from the west are doing ok for plaice in numbers but over all the quality are still on the smaller and thinner side. those going what most term of keepers are as said mostly quite thin so if you plan to keep the “in size” Id say also have an eye on the thickness as many once cooked will have little flesh on them and seem mostly bone.
The west for now will continue with 7am to 5pm hours of opening and any changes will be posted here and on the marina facebook group.
Thats it for now, granted not much to say , so until next time I bid you all ADIEU

Mid-day Thurs 7march

Well here we go with some positive news for a change ! yup something is going to open yayyyyyyyyy.
The WEST WALL main section will open on SATURDAY the 9th of MARCH and then open on a daytime basis only to start will, of course this is also subject to weather conditions permitting.
Initial hours open will be 7am til 5pm with longer hours to be announced at a later date.
The EAST will remain shut while work over there continues and when ready will be posted here and on the marina facebook group.

Thats it for now so I will as usual bid you all ADIEU

March, latest

So here we go, Initial hopes for the WEST are/were a little premature so wont be opening this weekend.
What is required is that famous phrase of a proper walk through and H & Safety check , yea that old peanut…. anyhooooo

There is a plan afoot for a walk through at the beginning of next week. Now I am aware there is needed a rebuild s on the west at bays 17/18 that has taken quite a large level of damage, now it may be a case that said bay can and will be sectioned off as its unlikely to be fixed next week.

Needless to say if we can get the west open it makes sense to have it open but obviously public safety comes tops on any level of opening.
If and when we get the WEST open the extension will be closed as its expected to be the last thing jet washed and repaired.

Righty ho, so, there I go mentioning jet washing ! so, lets talk EAST wall.
Jet washing has not started yet for various reasons one of them it Dave having time and the jet washer that has been on the west, but the biggest reason that it is not underway as yet has been a problem with the water supply to the taps on the underside of the east wall that meant the supply has been turned off !

No as I understand from Dave and having spoken with Andrew Knight that the water supply is expected to be re- connected on Monday so, hopefully with the water back up & running so to speak that Dave will be able to start jet washing on Monday. Obviously jet washing is dependant on the weather playing nice and also Dave not being pre-occupied with something else but, all being good the jet washer will be up on the east from Tuesday.

SO anyone wishing to short cut the read >> START HERE<<<
Wall update H&S inspection on west Mon/Tues to determine when it opens
EAST WALL remains closed and jet washing starts Tues weather and water supply dependant.

Shop hrs currently remain shortened but hoping to change very soon.

Competitions are hoped to go ahead this year on both walls and I will be chatting with Mark about wall access, dates and details this weekend. Re plaice comp tagged for 17th March It is now looking at having to reschedule to a new date so as of today will remove the date on the event as I dont think the east will be ready in time.
Thats it for this weekend, hopefully I can add some more mid week next week.
thus its over n out from me and I bid you all ADIEU

Latest update Feb 25th

Ok folks time for an update /round up of the current state of the walls.
With the exception to the extension which does tend to be the last section jet washed the main part of the wall has finally been jet washed upper and lower level. Now some may say about time etc but have little to no clue of what has been involved to get this done.

Thus a quick explain, This past year/winter has likely been the worst most have seen regarding the condition of both walls. The damage has been extensive and continuous. Late November a load of damage was sorted with the removal of large sections of damage on the front end of the east wall. By the end of Dec there was further damage that left huge chunks of cement on the wall and needing removed to prevent further damage to the walls and things like the red posts and wires. The weather did no favours for either wall and with it less cold overall it created the perfect set up for algae growth.

This year is maybe only the 2nd year in over 25 that there is FLOWERING algae on the walls, thats how extensive it has been, not only the lower levels but also the upper levels on the west from bay 3 upper has needed jet washing and the entire length of the lower needed sorting also. The east is no better so will take time to get done and that will be working around heavily damaged wall sections.

So where do we stand as of today ?
The west has been jetwashed and as regulars know re getting back open some parts of th lower take damage almost yearly and again the steps at bay 17/18 are the worst hit and will need a rebuilt. There are a few potholes to fill as per a yearly thing and some wiring is set still to repair….BUT … isnt there always a but πŸ™‚

Providing that some essential work can be done and the steps sectioned off Dave (who is overseeing repairs while mark is on hol) is hoping that the weather plays nice and WE CAN GET some of the WEST open potentially as soon as next weekend. Now ive looked at the forecast folks so dont get too excited as the opening may not happen as soon as next weekend but it is very close to being opened.

At this point I will divert a little and post up thanks to Joe aka Tony the night guy and his son who have been wave dodging for a few weeks and actually getting both levels of the west jet washed which having done it myself know that its no easy task under poor conditions.

Most have never used a jet washer so little realise that other than lugging this machine up & down the wall simply holding one of these things batters your senses. after an hour you whole body vibrates you have slight breezes pushing algae spray in your face and down your neck. It gets everywhere on your body, its wet and cold you get soaked in spray and even end up breathing in green muck. After 5+ hours lugging this thing about and hanging onto a vibrating high pressure hose you get to put it all away while knackered out and your whole body feeling like its still rattling for hours while you finger tips get the feel of electric shocks every time you lightly touch anything ! so for anyone to spend a month with one gets my respect, thank you Joe and Sebastian !.

Right back to where are we at.
AS said the west could open as soon as next weekend weather and repairs allowing but what hours and days is still to be determined and DAVE will be doing a full walk through check over on the west on hopefully TUESDAY so we will have a clearer picture after thats done.

So to the east wall.
Simply describing it and be done as thus
Loads of damage, loads of wires to sort (or have been) and plenty of posts to replace or have been … other than that ? its very very green !…

Both upper and lower need extensive jet washing and we are somewhat hampered as there are one or two issues with water supply and access points to said water supply. Some taps have been closed off or access removed. part due to re-piping part to sorting which sections within the marina pay for said supply but that issue is hopefully to be sorted next week to allow getting the machine up the wall and also assessing where is the best start place. Bay 1 is not always the best place and can be conditional to repair needs.
Personally I have not been up on the east since December and after the 1st load of damaged wall sections were removed in November further storms hit the east so the picture atm is less clear and as a result no clear picture of when the east will be ready.

I have left the plaice comp in place but there is a good chance that the wall wont be ready for that event on the 17th of March so very likely it will be rescheduled if that is the case.

Further news on the east as and when I get it.
so for now thats all folks and I bid you ADIEU

Wall status latest

Due to continued storm sequences the walls have taken further damage, it is a bit like the lad with his finger in the dike, its plugged but damage gets through !
As I was saying though due to continued storm forecasts and unpredictable weather there has been NO JET WASHING begun as of yet.

High seas and blows directly at the walls mean an awfully large amount of seawater is washing the lower levels and creating ideal conditions for algae growth.
In its simplest terms to set up the jet washer involves loading it into a car to get it to the marina and then a trolley (yea a marina one!) to get said machine up onto the required wall. Two miles of hose also need transporting up onto the walls and set up, another car and trolley trip… or two !
Fuel needs getting for the machine followed by the laying out & setting up of the jet washer and hoses even before anyone starts Jet washing !. Once the day is done all of this needs packing away and storing on the west in the tower as it cant be left on the wall (too many thieves). Day 2 then starts all over again moving hoses and setting up.
It will take time to get things done and no one in their right mind is going to start the process when there is only a 2-3 day gap in the weather as anything cleared of algae in 2 days followed by a week of poor weather would simply see the cleared area needing to be done again.

With regards to the Plaice comp, the date will stay but naturally its dependant on forecasts between now and then and actually getting the needed work done in time. It is very possible that it wont happen in March but Dave who is organising the jet washing and other wall repairs
obviously hopes to get the walls back open as soon as possible and for now is targeting being open by EASTER.
If the plaice comp is cancelled we will look at perhaps running it or something else later in the year IE. perhaps late summer early Autumn.

That’s it for now, unfortunately not better news but an update was due and now done. Until next time I bid you all ADIEU