BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

yes they are in

Well I never expected to be typing that mackerel are shoaling along the walls in DECEMBER but , they are ! no bull, no shitting you its true.
For the last 5-6 days the inshore boats have been picking up herring and mackerel that are shoaling together. Very unusual for December.

I must add at this point though that many are very small Joey mackerel so please be aware of a 20cm minimum size. While you can keep small ones to live bait if you are doing so please be aware that officially you may only keep one at a time otherwise you are retaining undersized fish and may run into issues with the IFCA.

Currently we are getting some very cold weather and due to algae build up this causes problems with very slippery surfaces as the algae retains wate3r like sponges. With the freezing temp this then forces us to close the walls for everyone’s safety and allows us to comply with insurance conditions of providing a safe venue to fish.
MONDAY 12TH there is a forecast of SNOW in the early hours so we won’t know until it happens thus, if you plan to visit Monday please please check with the shop as to if the walls are open or not. I will update the site as I get info but I am not an early morning person (med induced sleep) as a result the site may not be updated as early as many would like.

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