.. Shop opens 8am customers are asked to respect residents in the square and wait quietly OUTSIDE of marina square until 8am

.. Shop opens 8am customers are asked to respect residents in the square and wait quietly OUTSIDE of marina square until 8am

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Sunday round up

Sketchy reports this week so sort of gotta put the bits together over the week to get a picture of whats happening , so here we go.
Still plenty of evening sightings of dolphins , ok not fish but great for the kids if they get to see some. mackerel reports are finally on the improve side with decent shoals… yes shoals of mackerel the last few days over the high tides in the morning 3-7am sort of times and then as the sun drops in the evening they return bringing their friends.
Not had any news on gars this week but they cant be far away, plaice on the east as ever tick over & sizes have been a bit better this week with some genuine keepers .Sole are doing well on the east if you know where you do well. Likewise on the night theme the horse mackerel are now a common sight with many lamps down the side, so a gentle reminder not to use red or green equipment with bulbs, tip lights are fine of any colour. Rays mostly thornies at night & undies during the day are fairly common now and hound pups are also a common catch on the east over the sands.
back onto the sand we are seeing more gurnards & mullet are increasing on the high & low bays. Bream likewise on th rocky marks are doing well both sides & we are seeing some very decent wrasse coming up even if the numbers are less than I would usually expect for this time of year. Likewise bass are still being caught on both walls & live baits it seems are the way to go at the moment for those non lure types.
Over all the fishing has seen a steady pick up for the last 2 weeks so expect the same story with the number of visitors we see at weekends which are now getting very busy .
A little reminder for our night visitors , please resist the urge to put up tents b4 8pm and a reminder of the donts , please dont , bring glass onto the wall, no fires, coals bbq’s etc(gas burners allowed) and if you cant find a toilet use the V’s, hang it over the side & go in the sea. If anyone is caught using the upper pathway as a loo they will be removed from the wall. please help us keep the walls clean & pleasant for all to use and alert the staff of any issues, we can deal with it fast if alerted . ty
finally, its darn hot out there so pack plenty of fluids and sun protection, there is no shelter out there on the walls.

Sunday one week on

Right then,lets open this with a, yep I had a good holiday in Cornwall, sadly my only chance to fish was Thurs on a 4 hr boat trip but there is always next time. Things to do here, yup, galleries to be added too over then next few days & general catch up while away.
General round up
The walls have fished well at night and so so during the day when they have been open. Seems the wet & windy has hampered the walls with weed but with a good forecast for the next week things should change fast.
Bass , still doing very well, generally a case of If you know how it pays off. Bream , defo on the increase and day and night catches more common. Horse mac in abundance am hearing. Plaice & sole doing fine on the east, west low marks showing flatfish also. Mackerel still hit & miss and v few reports of gar.
There are still decent reports of hounds locally and some showing on the walls after dark also. Night warden giving reasonable feedback and enjoying things but not enjoying them that cant find the toilets or use the sea, come on gents, we dont want to smell where u have been so pee in the sea fgs.
Weather looks to be picking up so im hoping the reports will start to come in more and give us all a better picture of whats happening…
And finally as the toons often said ..th-th-th thats all folks
for now 🙂

Monday monday

So the weekend has gone and the daytime fishing is still sluggish , bream on a slow tick on the west amongst the grabs, general crab size is getting smaller so things looking up a little. Plaice sole a few mackerel keep things ticking over. Bass numbers have slowed as have the bigger takes at night. Night guy indicates the weekend was slower than mid week, Hound pups, plaice, strap conger. sole, small rays & dogs seem to be the mainstay of the weekend.

round up (sat am)

So we reach Saturday after what can only be described for some as a stupendous weeks fishing on the marina AT NIGHT , a certain group managed 30 bass over 5-9lb along with a host of other bass, rays, smoothounds even a couple of baby tope, and some very decent sole. Star catch of the week amongst a week of great fish has to be the 16.4lb smoothie on the west for Wilson Mak, loads of pics uploaded to the galleries so if you havn’t seen it yet take a look on the “marina gallery”.

Add to all of the above and Thurs saw the first real shoal of horse mackerel so a timely reminder about lights on the wall.
Blue and white only please, this includes underwater lights, while many seem to be using green lights underwater, please dont. green and red are the main navigation lights so please avoid using them. This doesn’t apply to glow lights on rod tips b4 the silly questions follow, im referring to bulb types on head lamps torches , underwater lighting and lamps in general and please folks leave the car batteries in cars & not on the wall , ty
Mackerel still predominantly 1st and last light with plaice the staple on the east wall.
To roundup the species tallies, Bass, Thornback & undulate rays, smoothounds, tope (baby)plaice, Sole, Bream, Wrasse, Mackerel, Horse mackerel, Chan & pout whiting, and tons & tons of spider crabs of which the worst seem on the high tide, on the west wall they seem to be stacking to get at fish !

its late ! didn’t have a date !

Well this should have been posted Sunday but in its own way i’m glad the post is late or I wouldnt have been adding this picture of the superb catch by Wilson Mac 16.4lb of Smoothound that was safely returned from the west wall Tuesday night.
This most recent post should have been all about last weekends explosion of catches on both walls at night. Sadly the catches during the day I cant say have been great. Things in general on the Bream front are behind & add to this the spider crab invasion has greated an odd situation. Low tides catching during the day is picking up but as the tide comes in so it seems so do the spider crabs. Some people have even seen them stacking up on each other against the wall driving fry & just about anything else away from them and then stuffing themselves on anglers baits. If you can find a way around or to beat the crabs you have a half decent chance of bagging some fish.
Bream are on the increase and there are some lovely sole to be had. Hounds and rays are now hunting down the mackerel shoals resulting in some awesome catches and a boost for the galleries at the moment. The bass anglers are having a ball as the mackerel start to play on the walls. Find the mackies & you may just hit something a bit special.
So a little more exciting on the walls I recon.
Weather wise it looks good for the next week so , what are ya all waiting for ? gome have a go …. or as an old tv prog used to say …. get some in !…..

fri to sun morn

well the night sessions are definitely playing and paying off for quite a few. both walls seemingly loaded with fish beginning Thursday as a quiet day crept towards dusk and the mackerel started to tease anglers first followed by some smallish rays and then the bass and smoothounds switched on for some. as the night ticked on the rays also seemed to get better with at least two running over 11lb.

Sat day I dont have any real picture of what was going on but again it seemed to turn it on in the dark, again with rays n hounds and for one group some real quality bass. Both walls 2 nights running producing some real lovely fish.

lummy its thurs

Yup woke up this morning, body n brain said stuff it so I did what many cant.. spent a lazy morning in bed.. thought it was wednesday tbh ! , so found out was thurs & son decided he wants to fish over night on Fri … . whats all this got to do with a fishing report … nothing but thought i’d better type summat as no one has really kept me upto date on whats really going on on the marina! ..

Bream are ticking over as are the plaice on the east & in all honesty I think even the walls are having lazy days on the smaller tides.
Mackerel were about in numbers this afternoon on the east but there was hardly anyone there to see it … id picture the bag of mackerel on dude had but tbh its a common sight usually so pop over to the marina group for the piccy.

Ya never know maybe someone will update me a bit more tomorrow .. Happy days , fish on dude(s) 🙂

new day new week

I spent the day on the west yesterday and a simple summing up is that things were tough. ATM bream n wrasse fry has not really hit the walls so a lack of food to get thos wanted mackerel in in numbers, ass to that what fish is finding the walls has the same problem .. spider crabs. In some cases there are huge buggers out there.
A few smallish bream are getting through but in general bream numbers are 3 weeks behind on last years catches. If the crabs would get lost … I recon the fishing will improve massively.
Plenty of chats yesterday with anglers & size info passed on to some, as was a reminder for a few not to bring glass onto the wall. Plaice still ticking things over on the east with a few brem and wrasse high and low bays… again size reminders to some that felt it was ok to keep everything. Some decent bass on both walls for the night anglers and a few congers also .. no sign of horse mackerel yet but cant be too far away. While hard work the bream on the west are slowly increasing along the wall and for on guy a small gurnard on the lower bay. Gorgeous in the sun yesterday but I suspect a few went home with sunburn !
Take acre out there its nice , its sunny but sunburn takes a few days to calm

sunday morning coming down

Morning world, lovely and sunny already today at 6am !. but less of that n more of an update, Fri Ive had very little info other that the night fishing is reasonably decent and every night this week including last night has produced some decent bass, best bait .. mackerel which still remain fairly elusive, yesterday i spect the whole day from 8am fishing the west and all i can say was… it was very hard going. I managed 3 bream on the low which is tbh not that common IMO, and a few other did the same. As the tide came up so the fish vanished to be replaced by crabs that seemed to get larger and larger to the degree that 2 lads managed to get a whopper up to the edge of the caisson before the line gave out and it dropped back in. I kid u not, it was the largest this year and the body was larger than a dinner plate. We have had one weighed and pictured at 5lb and this was bigger possibly pushing over 6lb. In the end i matched crab and bream numbers of 4 others on the extension had maybe another dozen, with 2 lads finding 5 mackerel. I pulled my lines in about 5.30, I cleared the ext , did a bit of chatting and reports from the main west wall were grim & the best of it were a couple of plaice @ bay 18, but things were very scrappy & plagued by spiders snagging or cutting peoples lines. A lovely day in the sun but tough going. Over on the east , small bream & wrasse on the lower bays , mostly just sized or under for the plaice dotted all up the sandy section ,. My lad and friend had a few small plaice n JNR managed a decent wrasse that gave him a run on his light 6foot spin rod which he enjoyed.
Seems a few had to be reminded about keeping under sized fish on the east.. well done to those angers that had a chat and pointed out why they should go back.

Im please to say that some are getting the message out to other anglers re sizing fish and having a chat or as I would say .. “they are getting involved” Its good , it benefits the wall and stets a better standard on the walls, getting involved means a polite chat , not scream its others 🙂 so a big well done them from all of us anglers that want better, its encouraging to see.
Times up for me as im running about on the west today .
tight lines all and enjoy the day.

Thurs round up

A bit of a long day re organising some images so I can put up a new gallery page , Im sure you will be able to find it .. its under the galleries section with a little tag Sussex arms on it also … some of you know what that was in the past , if it takes off I will expand it in the Views gallery to start with and maybe expand it into a place of its own.

As to the fishing .. read on.
This week really has been a spilt.. light n dark, night and day, decent & tough going .. I think you may be getting where this is going. Daytime this week other than random shoals of mackerel has been tough going with mainly a few mackies, a few plaice and a few bream in a contest with 100’s or even thousands of spider crabs invading the marina waters ! a not so easy going but sort of getting better.. yes they are getting better but things are not as good as this time last year I feel.

NIGHT TIME DAY TIME , yes its a pun on a BBC wild life video clip but it really is a case of the nights are/have this week been good. Loads of rays (by marina standards) seem to be almost throwing themselves at anglers some of the time, Brian Basco Bianquera managed to land 4 himself, no weight info but pictured is one of them mid week. Both walls have recorded some decent sized bass and mackerel shoals do seem to have been teasing anglers by showing up at silly o’clock in the mornings 1st light, and last light fade away. Bream numbers seem to be slowly picking up with bays on the west seemingly the best choices (work em out)
Ive not been told of any horse mac yet but who knows , they cant be that far away.
Regarding night fishing , please main lights & headlamps/torches lights down the side in the water .. BLUE prefered , white is ok but red and green are nav lights and a big no on … tip lights .. what ever you want, they r tip lights..
re lights in the water, please leave your car batteries at home , we do not need them on the walls & nor do we need people TAKING UNDERSIZED BASS.. watch your sizes, Sussex(IFCA) fisheries do patrol the walls randomly, be it day or night & they have received reports of people not paying attention to sizes so .. expect random visits up there.

The extension has been busy during the day and was booked out last weekend as is this weekend to private groups at night.
Want to book the extension at night ? get a group of 10 to 16 & a list of names preferred with a sole contact point. They then will book with David Grinham in the shop, The contact then becomes responsible for all that night on the extension, usual rules apply , no fishing inside, no tents no glass etc, you get the pic im sure.
Once you are settled on the extension pass your number to the night warden for easy contact etc & you get to fish up there in peace.. organiser then responsible as said for all behavior up there & making sure its handed over as clean as you found it . Easy eh 🙂