BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

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Sunday !

Good morning campers and…… Hi de hiiiiggghhhhhh 🙂
So if you missed the late announcement we have both walls open , The west is open to the toilet block (extension will be done maybe for Easter) and the East wall is open from bay 1 to 29 at the gate and steps.
the weeks forecast looks decent but cold with some areas getting cold weather warnings but I expect both walls to stay open unless a further drop causes sever freezing on the walls and becomes an issue so if you plan a visit , wrap up, keep warm and come get some plaice.

As some may have noticed over the last couple of weeks plaice reports along the local beeches has increased quite quickly and although many of the catches are still considered undersized there are a few out there of quality that will make a trip a decent tempt.

On the walls we opened the west of friday and conditions were a bit lumpy but Im told reliably there was a codling a couple of under sized bass (still catch and release atm) a few whiting and some small returned plaice.
Sat there was a clonker by most standards on the wall of nr 2.5lb and measured at 50cm which for early Feb is an amazing fish. the rest of the day after that highlight was mostly under sized plaice and whiting but the one fish no doubt encouraged a fair few today to chance their luck with rod & line.

Reports feeding back around the morning high tide was a slow but steady tick of fish and am hoping for a more comprehensive round up of how things went later on today.

Both walls are open with no direct plans to close them this week, daytime fishing only for a while and this weeks shop hours are posted to the home page near the top.
Should any charter skippers need bait earlier than the posted times please call the shop or Dave so that they can try and sort your needs.

That’s it from me for the day, tight lines if your out, dont forget to wrap up if you are planning to go out, its sunny but there a definate chill out there already

new day new year

Ok so the new year is a bit late but for the walls you could say, But the new year finally began yesterday….at last some say, YES we have the WEST wall open for fishing. Initially daytime sessions only.

The east arm is being jet washed and there are extensive repairs to do up there but it is hoped if all goes well to have a part of it ready to open possibly as soon as next weekend!

This morning has seen what I am told is the first decent plaice of the year officially recorded & caught on the walls and I have put a pic up on the flatties gallery, a cracker nearly 2.5lb (estimated) and measured at 50cm ! not bad for the west wall.

Add to that there was a small bass and codling caught yesterday (the first day open this year) and I understand there have also been a few more small plaice this morning , not bad for a chilly Feb morning eh.

Night time fishing will be sorted again for the west wall and the east once open will remain open only during daytime hours. We will also (once ready) run bookable sessions on the west extension.
thats all for now folks & welcome back


Finally , as the post lead says, I can post some news or an update on how the work on both walls is going and it’s good news.
The jet washing is nearly done on the west and am expecting an opening date possibly as soon as next week.
The extension wont be open as there is further repair work to sdo so it wont be jet washed just yet.

once the west is done the next phase will be getting bays 1-29 sorted A.S.A.P.



Hi and as usual sorry for a lack of info but more importantly I hope everyone has had a decent Christmas or at least the best they chose to have. Hopefully the new year will produce an improvement to this year for everyone.

As many will realise both walls are currently closed part due to weather conditions, a big chunk because of storm damage and as usual for this time of year algae issues that will no doubt be well out of control up there as the conditions are now perfect for quick growth.
Needless to say it will take some time to sort and somewhat like trying to pain a bridge as soon as one area is jet wash the stuff is re forming. The biggest issue of course is being unable to get conditions that will actually enable people to get onto the walls to do some of the work that will defo need doing.

Some visitors to the marina may have found the shop closed so I apologise for not putting shop hours up on the home page sooner than I did and if you missed them on the home page I’d bet you then looked here for some updates that have been lacking from myself

so without the fanfares or angels heralding my post
SHOP HOURS AND non opening.
the shop is shut and will now not open until
Friday 6th Jan 9am til 3pm
expected then open with hrs set around weather conditions that will allow for boats getting out but the plan is to open atm
Sat 8am >>
all other hours I will post as I get told of them
Needless to say if you are a skipper or boat angler ok start again. If there are times you need bait please ring dave on his mobile num that is freely available to members of the marina fb group. Dave very often will put himself out to get people sorted with bait or items from shop out of hrs etc.

Here’s hoping that everyone has a great new years eve/day , some are still preparing for their Christmas so to the many that follow the Coptic church or alt religions have a great Christmas & new year, have a great saturnalia if that is your thing indeed if you are celebrating any calendar festival I hope you have a good and/or memorable one.
and finally to the yanks that don’t get it ….. seasons greetings 🙂
Thats it for now ,bar saying
I may put up a fishing report in a few days for those that do the crazier conditions and those just curious so until the next one
be safe and be happy or at least as happy as life allows you.

yes they are in

Well I never expected to be typing that mackerel are shoaling along the walls in DECEMBER but , they are ! no bull, no shitting you its true.
For the last 5-6 days the inshore boats have been picking up herring and mackerel that are shoaling together. Very unusual for December.

I must add at this point though that many are very small Joey mackerel so please be aware of a 20cm minimum size. While you can keep small ones to live bait if you are doing so please be aware that officially you may only keep one at a time otherwise you are retaining undersized fish and may run into issues with the IFCA.

Currently we are getting some very cold weather and due to algae build up this causes problems with very slippery surfaces as the algae retains wate3r like sponges. With the freezing temp this then forces us to close the walls for everyone’s safety and allows us to comply with insurance conditions of providing a safe venue to fish.
MONDAY 12TH there is a forecast of SNOW in the early hours so we won’t know until it happens thus, if you plan to visit Monday please please check with the shop as to if the walls are open or not. I will update the site as I get info but I am not an early morning person (med induced sleep) as a result the site may not be updated as early as many would like.

mackerel erm are

Yes there have been mackerel caught on the walls, occasional shoals are breaking the surface and in mixed up with them are herring. The inshore oats are reporting catches of squid close in, various rays and there does still seem to be plenty of schoolie bass, but please bear in mind that for Dec & Jan bass are to be returned if caught.

been a while

yes , sorry it has been a while since I posted an update or indeed much of anything here so lets start with a catch report.
Phil the day warden reporting plenty of schoolie bass still there for the lure angler to C&R while the season is closed on bass… irony eh…
Plenty of eels out there also to slime up those brand-new nets you all brought to catch the tons of bass you have to put back (sorry couldn’t resist posting the irony). There have as is often the case been some mackerel caught this week from the shore (ive seen the pics)

Plenty of rays are still being caught from many of the smaller boats out of the marina and am now also seeing the first reports of herring being caught for a while as the sea and air temps begin to Truley drop away. add to this little lot the walls have seen some wrasse still being caught and the occasional squid.

Im told the water quality is not bad for december and has at times a reasonable clarity so as long as you are well wrapped up there is stuff out there to be had other than the standard whiting that are out there in high numbers. (where do they go in the summer) answers on a post card I guess.

Finally, please keep an eye on the home page if you plan to visit as i Gather there are probable closed walls later in the week as temps drop to minuses and with algae on the walls acting like soaking up sponges’ frosts will create many very slippery patches on the upper and lower walls. It looks like jet washing may have to start early just to keep things partially open.

watch this space and as I said, the home page will carry the most recent openings as I get the info

thurs re-open info

here we go folks, the walls will open this weekend and we plan to get some open tomorrow.

will open hopefully about 11am Friday bays 1-29 at the cage gate and will close at dusk 5pm providing the harris fencing can be set up correctly.
Sat open 7am till 5pm
Sun open 7am till 5pm

WEST WALL further checks and clean-up is required on the west but it is hoped to have the wall open for mid-day to 1pm and will CLOSED 5PM on Friday there will be no night fishing Friday due to outstanding repairs
Sat WEST will open between 7 and 7.30 am,
there is still some work to do on the wall to make it safe for night fishing and until finished I cant confirm the wall will stay open for night fishing on Sat but we are aiming to have it open if possible so watch for updates.

Sun WEST will open 7ish if the wall wasn’t open overnight (see above) it is expected to have finished the needed work on the west by Sun and we plan to open for night fishing Sun night all night.

EAST open 7am till 5pm
WEST already open will close 5pm ish


wall status wed 9th

wall update/status

BOTH WALLS CLOSED until any checks get done on Friday once winds have settled. on last check @ 2nd Nov signs were that we may get 1-29 on the EAST back into service providing no further damage was caused over the weekend and beginning of this week.

The west has not been checked at all yet and the1st look at it will be Friday mid day ish so is not expected to open that day as there will be some level of clean up required.
Once the checks have been done on BOTH walls we will have a better idea of what we can get open and how soon that can be done.

Obviously, we want the walls open as soon as possible but,
until the checks are done on Friday no decisions on day or night fishing will be made.
Nor can we say how long any clean up may take until that inspection is done.

Please be patient, it will be done and I will post all relevant info here on the blog page and on the facebook group as soon as I get it TY


wall assessment and update

We have now made it to the first lull in what seems to be a series of autumn blows and storms with another large one coming in sometime Saturday lunchtime onwards for at least 5 or more days.
So what are the walls looking like?

in short

East will be closed for 2-3 weeks
West will be open Fri 9am ish with some minor repair work today and Fri morning

The EAST seems to have taken the worst of things and will be closed until repairs can be sorted around the series of blows with the upper half of the east taking the brunt of the damage done.
A few pictures will be posted to the facebook group in the next day or so but there seems to be quite a lot of the stepping sections where people sit broken away and in doing so caused further damage to wires around the V’s as well as some of the red posts have been smashed away.

As a result of the damage on the east the wall is expected to stay closed for at least a couple of weeks are any repair work will have to be organised around the severe Autumn weather.
There is a possibility of getting the lower third of the east open but as I type I have only had a basic and quick visual report of the extent of damage on the east.

THE WEST WALL has less damage than was expected with the extension having taken the worst of the weather and will stay closed.
After some minor fixes the WEST WILL OPEN FRIDAY 4th NOV about 9am and will stay open for NIGHT FISHING Fri night into Sat morning.

The plan for Saturday is to keep the west open for as long as possible as the weather is expected to close in soon after lunchtime.

After this weekend BOTH WALLS will be closed for at least a week

Catch report for what and when they were open im told was good for squid and bass but TBH The feedback from the walls this week has been sketchy at best and non-existent at worst.