.. Shop opens 8am customers are asked to respect residents in the square and wait quietly OUTSIDE of marina square until 8am

.. Shop opens 8am customers are asked to respect residents in the square and wait quietly OUTSIDE of marina square until 8am

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Sunday slowdown

So, after what seemed a great week on the plaice front the weekend has sorta slowed up quite a lot. Sat saw a few squid landed but the plaice fishing in general was quite a bit slower. Likewise Sunday seems to have followed Sat pattern and slowed right down. For those on the walls early it proved a long slow chilly start. Plaice ticking over but many small ones put back, highlight of the day I guess were 2 coal fish landed on the east. At time of typing things were quite tough going.
Updates this week on website have been in some cases cosmetic tweaks but i also have added another gallery section & updated some new pics… there is also a news/event page that ppl can message me with info on anything they feel would benefit the marina “news” page

its the plaice to be

This week has thrown up some cracking plaice with the best ones this week all over on the east though the west is producing also.
Squid are picking up in numbers with local lure & guiding boats landing them as well as them showing on the wall. A few mackerel on both walls but can confirm ore than those reported & pictured by the warden so it may have been a couple on each wall or more … unknown as yet. Inshore bass are being caught as well so things are starting to pick up out there…. Here comes summer

happy sunday mac fisheries

So Sunday arrived after a few average days on the wall with a chug over of usual sluggish reports so no posts….. So whats happening ?
Well its my wifes Birthday so Happy **th Mrs P 🙂 . Over to the marina annndddd..

We have squid and some nice plaice pics posted and confirmed news(from both wardens) of mackerel and herring on the east for sure & no doubt on the west also today or very soon .

Time to get some in folks, both walls open 6am til 7pm for now every day unless a weather warning (none so far) shop open 8am daily , come on , pay us a visit , tomorrows the glorious 12th on the wall they say 🙂

The tues after

After easter that is, Monday was a much slower day number wise on the walls so plenty of space to fish. With numbers down the catch rate was also down, a couple of squid confirmed and in the afternoon a couple of decent herrings landed on the east, (first this year) bits n bobs amongst the plaice but no massive catches stood out.

L.I.S.A. organisation who host the squid comp have decided that it would me sensible to delay event on the wall until the autumn run & this will most likely be an evening/night event, hopefully back to normal somewhat for next year.

Plans are beginning to form for night fishing on the wall & hopeful we can announce something towards the end of April.

There’s a plaice for me

Easter monday round up in reverse order, a cold northerly wind carrying a wind chill factor of dayamnnn… very slow start on the walls today and still quiet at Mid day.

Easter Sunday was very busy, next to no winds and very sunny, yup the marina at its busiest… get there early or struggle to get a spot… pointless arriving late then complaining about how busy it is .. erm its sunny , every one is off of coures it will be busy !
The fishing was good on the east wall with the best of it coming after the high tide. A couple of small rays were reported, a few whiting and other bits n bobs down the side. The west recorded squid defo to farmer george but no other info from the west… &
didnt get any word if mackerel about all weekend.

Easter Sat & good friday were again busy … bank holidays … arrive early !
catch wise much the same as the Sunday was with the best just after the high tide & dropping away.

Looking like no issues ahead in the next week as far as thr weather is concerned so… open every day this week, temps somewhat cooler than last week.

thurs 1st update

Not a rocking day on the walls , a few mackerel came out over high water on the west with conditions somewhat lumpy over the high tide. A strong north wind made things challenging and chilly. No reports of squid thurs but a decent tick over of plaice , pout and whiting.
Winds staying mostly northerly all week until next thurs when there is a westerly lump up for most of that day & possible close of the west if what is showing on the charts happens. Sunday morning looks to be the best of the conditions but overall the water on the east should be flattish to produce some decent fish.

spring has sprung

So both walls are fully open (subject to poor weather closing them), we have seen some decent plaice on both walls with the best on the east , the first recorded squid fell to Mike King I believe on the west wall yesterday (wed). mackerel in 1’s and 2’s also logged. The dreaded spiders have been seen on a couple of the local beaches! surprisingly IMO as water temps are quite low still im told.
Whiting & pout still about in numbers & one or 2 early rays had on the walls and inshore from private boats. All in all things are looking quite good.
The wardens are maintaining space & distancing on the walls that are currently quieter than have been expected but no doubt that will pick up soon. To ensure bays meet the gov standards we are only allowing a max of 4 sat in one bay , this allows for anglers to safety pass through to empty bays.

finally we open the walls

As of Tuesday morning 30th March The marina walls will fully open. Initially daylight hours every day (subject to bad weather) at aprox 6am . close initially 7pm

Night fishing will be reviewed earliest 12th April depending on government covid changes and general conditions.

Visitors are remined the rule of 6 will mean a maximum of 4 people staying in one bay, this allows for 2 to pass through to higher bays & complies with the rule of 6. Naturally all other covid restrictions current will apply also (distancing etc)

Both walls are fully open, Premier will have the dredging hose out around 11am on Tuesday, this may disrupt access to the east so delays should be expected while work is carried out there.