BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters


For those trying to access site over last day n half , my fault , SSL certificate needed updating and when it comes to doing my brain goes foggy.. I keep forgetting how to use an incognito browser so I can get past the block that happens with http and https ! Its easy to do when you can remember how but a pain in the rear when you forget the process.
Not a security risk as there is nothing sold on site but without the updated certificate… yep everyone gets locked out by sensitive browsers including myself.

on the fishing front ups n downs and this morning the west exploded with mackerel and im told at time of typing (12.21) its still happening .
Water has been coloured last few days part due to southerlies stiring it up and no doubt part by the sewage leaks all along the Sussex coastline although
Southern water deny any dumping in Brighton & hove area it beggars belief they can claim a dumping of raw sewage was actually fine and ok as its only storm water run off , yea pull the other one.
Friday I went fishing on the east as the wind was a bit of a bummer on the west side. Coloured water and murky so set up with a friend and fished bay 12 on the EAST (had wanted bay 15 but NM) A pleasant afternoon with lug being stripped off the hooks in seconds and squid untouched ! … loads of bites but no great haul of fish unless you count hound pups that were hitting any bait parcel with squid in them quite hard and only 20m or so out.
Earlier Friday one group had a good run on bass hitting into the marina shoal out on the feed so some nice fish for them all to take home (sizes checked).

Overall round up of the last 3-4 days have been coloured water clearing some on HTides, with plenty of eels, bass and sole on the feed. some wrasse and bream in the usual rocky marks (i may have to revise the wall guides a little) with MACKEREL very hit and miss throughout this whole week (not counting the large amount on the west today.

Weather over the next 7 days finally looks much better so expect the water to clean up within a couple of tides or days and then I suspect the mackerel numbers to improve.

Finally a reminder to all, the east wall will now only open during the day. Issues continued to hamper the work crews as well as night time disruptions from anglers using the tow path and overall creating noise levels that some resident complained about. as a result the nights on the east have been suspended for the duration of repairs and anglers on the east during the daytime are asked to please assist the wardens by keeping everyone informed that the upper level is out of bounds. Further disruptions serve to put any fishing on the east side at risk . please please please let people know to stay off the top and also please report any issues like that to us in any way possible.

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