BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

windy wed

A grotty morning of wind and rain see both walls shut today and tomorrow but, back open Friday 7.3o and the same, both open at the weekend, 7.30 to 6pm. Hopefully it should improve and give us a decent Easter weekend.

Following Easter the next weekend will see the SQUID COMP and keen eyes may have noticed a page has been set up on the website giving details of time and when it starts etc.
Registration on the day is by the cafe at the start of the east and entry fee includes rod fee for the wall for the whole day.
I have asked people wishing to book a bay so a pair can fish together to register their interest on the marina facebook page , I also realise some read here but dont use facebook so IF YOU WISH TO BOOK A BAY (random draw) PLEASE USE THE EMAIL LINK ON THE HOME PAGE, it will find me and I will confirm back via email all requests.
On the fishing front it as been a mix of closed or lean fishing days. Squid are there but few fishing for them at the moment , plaice continue to be caught though sizes are a bit marginal.. Have not had a report of bream yet on the wall but expect the 1st should show up very soon. Some bass now being caught by the local lure boats but none claimed to my knowledge yet on the wall. Dogfish and small rays seem quite common mixed up with a few flounders. Hopefully with the weather cleaning up things should improved.

Squid comp is on 24th April for those not yet aware,
Until next time … over n out

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