BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

wed ! wow

OHHHHH man what a massive 3 days so far, mackerel some mornings as early as 2am ! yup in the dark , mixed shoals with horse mac majorly out numbered…. monday a mackerel run on both walls from 5am til near 7pm , it then began again about 9pm……
Tues same story & for much of the morning only 5 on the west ! whats …. that quiet with fish everywhere, well the east only had a dozen or so … took a while for the word to get out & Tues afternoon got busier.

Tues night u say ? , dunno about b4 midnight but it all kicked off again on both walls about 2 am shoals n runs on both walls of 80% mackerel 20% horse mac …. was still rolling when i left at 6am ! go figure …

Very few to no gars , there should be cuttle out there now , there are plaice & sole under them mackies & we still have bream on the west for sure.

So back to them mackerel, Im sure you all know how easy it is to start hammering the feathers or the float as they start & that feeling get em fast b4 they go well dont forget you are not at home, We expect u to bag,box or how ever u are storing your fish as u go, anyone fishing with fish on the wall at their feet WILL BE STOPPED , catch unhook, kill bag n box , please fish in a tidy safe area or the wardens have instructions to get on your cases.
No excuse for lazy or messy anglers. Im pleased to say Tues nights people mostly fished in very clean manner and was really good to see & praise where it was deserved was noted . there were some newer ppl that got into the frenzy but they were sharply reminded care of the fish is as much needed as their fishing areas. Im pleased to say all of those instructed to take a few mins sorting the bays and fish did so quickly and got into a better pattern. Loads of fish for all for 3 days so far.

If you are coming down , bring fish storage , we dont provide bags , likewise please leave the bays as u would wish to find them , it makes things easier for those having to clean up & maintain the walls & its better for the next people in your used bay
Happy fishing folks , I may even see some of you on the walls while busy

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