BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

WED Update

Plenty of mackerel to be had in Brighton, finding a decent pattern and time is proving not so easy. The good news though is that if you show up around 4-5am there is a strong chance you will get some. The bad news …… they don’t always show on both walls so it can sometimes be an early morning lottery.

Most of the feed back posts and reports at the moment tend to be focusing on mackerel, perhaps because of the “when are they in” conundrum.
The best I can say is usually they show after 1st light and are often done by 7am as the sun fully rises.
Mon evening there was a few shoals about as the light went and this proved to also be the case last night with a large shoal on the west and across the face of many of the beaches that seemed very busy with rods the nearer you got to the marina last night.

Other species catch report, … there have been some decent sized cuttlefish caught in the last few days and some anglers are now reporting “ghost bites” and “pull backs” with no take that I suspect are cuttle doing their thing in the water so may be worth using a weighted jig out there.
Bass are ticking over , best again at low light levels rather than tide state especially so with the small tide and bright full moon looming.
Red mullet are now more of a common sight often over shingle and rocky marks.
Plaice in shore seem a bit hit and miss for decent keepers but doing well on the charter boats and private ones that are fishing inshore marks.

Bream continue to be reported everywhere, mostly the juveniles that are now rampantly on the feed and plaguing anglers like piranha in the water although there are some decent ones to be had as well.
Spider crabs are still there, mostly an issue on the east but again the numbers out there are thinning quite quickly.
Finally a note on something for the younger anglers out there… Micro species
(blennies, Scorpion fish, pout, gobies etc) are there in numbers straight down the sides and in the V’s which with a scrap of bait or even human foods will give the youngsters a taste of using bait and catching fish and is (IMO) a great way to introduce the younger ones to the joy of fishing.
Till next time … over n out

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