BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

We have Moved

As of today (Monday) we are now in our new location, some of our longer time visitors may say gone back to where we were originally šŸ™‚
Our new location
We are now directly opposite McDonalds (across the road) at the top of the pedestrian access ramp, and along side the WEST QUAY pub.
We have also reverted back to our original opening times of 7am , yes 7! closing times as posted but can be flexible if demand calls for a later opening in the better summer weather.

full postal address:-

The Famous TackleBox
The West Quay
Brighton Marina
BN2 5U

Catch report of a sort.
I took a drive along both walls yesterday in the new(ish) 4 wheeled chariot about lunch time yesterday. There was a westerly breeze (about 12-15 at times)causing things to be somewhat choppy on the West most of the day but particularly noticeable closing on high tide and as the water dropped afterwards. Resulting conditions were not ideal for a summer’s day on the west(a bit better on the front of the east)

Catches and reports in general were not great with most struggling to get much more than wet from water spouts or a few tiddlers being reported.
Most of the previous night visitors had gone or were packing having struggled to stay to see the high tide in the hope of a few mackerel which did not happen this weekend. Im told people though some were “maybe” caught Saturday but seems a case of “they heard or they were told someone else heard etc so hard to verify although thurs fri catches could be confirmed. So to sum up on the mackerel front in Brighton V Very patchy and atm …. not every day and mostly early evening if they do show.
If you are traveling 100+ miles for some mackerel i’d suggest deep water venues such as in kent (Dover area) or even Portsmouth area.

Other species also struggled over the weekend although I did see a few small bream and a couple of silver eels the general info I got back on both walls was that mostly scratching was the order of the weekend with plaice, bream & wrasse out but only small stuff and the rest were the likes of blennies, gobies and small scorpions down the sides.

Night time reports indicate somewhat better than the daytimes with some very good sole reported and caught, mostly on the bend or just below , with a few also to the high 50’s bays. There were some bass but most were under the 5lb region. The lower bays at the moment on the east are doing quite well due to the continued activity of the spider crabs peeling (moulting) in the vicinity of the lower bays on the east… which is a change to the usual invasion that tends to happen on the west side of the marina. Defo a benefit to anglers utilising the lower bays on the east. As said both walls struggled yesterday to provide much over a few cm but suspect last night may have produced better than the day did.

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