BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

was Sunday

Yes it was Sunday yesterday so how did it fish , well on the west again it fished ok for bream but 99% on the wall were waiting on mackerel. Lesser number Sunday (people) than the day before and was gated over for about 2 hours so most got onto the wall fairly quickly.

The incident on wall Sunday,
One incident to speak of on Sunday with a dude fishing the ledge under almost bay 1, and with the wall full 2 guys fishing bay 1 ended up crossing lines and starting a verbal fight over how and where lines should be.
This escalated quickly into threats and violence before I could intervene it became quickly a screaming match.

The dude under the wall should have moved and had been earlier advised by security the same but chose to stay. as he got wound up further, he then chose to come up onto the wall shouting and trying to pick a fight fairly aggressively,
by this point I was already trying to talk to the angler and calm him so I could resolve things, but…

If he reads this, I thank the regular that assisted myself in separating the now aggressive pair and calm the situation down. I very much doubt just myself would have managed as both kept confronting each other as I tried to split them … Id push one back away and other would then come close behind myself making it hard to split and talk/calm either so the intervention of the wall regular (sorry I have forgotten your name again & did tell you Im crap with names) but Im very grateful for your step in.

One of the pair chose to ring the police (he had a small son) as he felt over threatened and as were parked close to the wall on the beach and I fully agree with the choice he made, and security confirmed they had the incident caught on their cameras but were not needed to assist.
Plenty of witnesses if needed for when the police arrived (yes it drew the attention of everyone in eye line on the wall) who did attend and spoke to the 2 dudes and myself for views of incident and things all settled down again with the guys fishing bay one moved up to bay 24 away from any further incident clashes (Yes, the troublesome one was still fishing under bay one on that ledge!) so, it wasn’t really started by anyone on the wall, the police I believe did go and speak to him on the ledge) Once moved things calmed back down allowing people to fish again. and the silliness was over

It was again tough going on the walls as the water was still very sandy colour with heavy silt in the water from recent windy weather and as a result only a few mackerel were about to be caught. Plaice were coming up at a steady rate for one gent on bay 4 who took full advantage of the low bay and sand patches with a few gobies and other micro stuff scattered along the wall. Early arrivals also had some horse mackerel and some pout of similar sizes to the said horse mac. I guess I only saw about 30-40 in total caught but, the tides are cleaning the water up and come Tuesday the water should be much cleaner and mackerel I recon will be back in numbers come mid week.
there were a couple of eels caught in the coloured water and both walls saw some reasonable bass caught.
Over on the east things were little better and tough going as I understand it but there were bream and wrasse on the rockier bays but the sand on the front of wall was somewhat stubborn for fish although there were plaice, gurnard and again horse mac caught in the coloured water. I didnt hear of any sole caught but would be surprised if non were had. Again mackerel were almost non existent and the water need to clear the silt that is still holding in the water.
Thats it for today


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