BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

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Dave now has his new toy , aka jet washer. Trial runs today and yesterday and its powerful, maybe hoses were old but some teething issues with hose bursts but, BOTH WALLS CLOSED TODAY with jet washing on main section of the west up to the toilet block with extension to do at a later date. East shut today for drain inspections.
Once the west is sorted I believe the plan is to do a rolling jet wash on the east likely starting at bay one , yea you know the drill, anything can happen so watch this space.
Weather looks a bit naff this week and homepage indicates closed for a full week at least but obviously if any reasonable clear days they may get utilised.

As far as im aware during the week the shop is still closing about 1pm but that most likely will slowly get extended thus returning as much as possible a normal status.
I’m lacking any real catch info to post up as a bit out of the loop this week with personal and health issues.

On that front I can post the following below.

Hospital visit went well, in short the plan was to use a guided needle process to burn away the tumour thus avoiding a more invasive kidney removal. While there I agreed to take part in a study program that form me meant an extra “trace” mri scan but for them allows them to improve scan processes and methods of treatment … it was a no brainer to say yes.

Four “After” scans were done yesterday, 2 were a newer type with a deeper scan ability, in short described as able to tell dead from living tissue with a few other refinements and I was informed that I was the very first to have this type of scan at St. Thomas’s hospital, the benefit of agreeing to take part in the new study.
Upshot of this all was they were able to give me the results fairly quickly rather than packing me home with a 4 week wait on imaging results.

Specialist visited late afternoon to say that ……
…… as far as they can see they have got all of the tumour.
Now while that meant he wouldn’t say i’m 100% cancer free its as good as it gets and I wouldn’t need to go back in a couple of weeks for an early follow up scan thanks to the ability of this new scan process, yes it’s that good.
For me now I will have a follow scan in 3 months to cover bases on if there is any regrowth or changes which is a longer time than the standard come back in a month. Yes they are that confident of this method.
While this doesn’t fix all of my health issues (im a walking disaster to most GP’s) it has for now removed my greatest health fear and the damage that hearing those 3 words of YOU HAVE CANCER does to a person and put the fear of god into me.

One thing I have learnt from this if anyone is diagnosed is to talk to someone close that will talk straight with you, no frills or fluffy chat just straight blunt as it is talk through. If that person has not personally dealt with cancer find a second chat partner as well who has been through everything cancer entails, they have been there so it feels like they could be inside your head, they have had the fear and felt the doom that a diagnosis often delivers.

I am thankful to a few people who especially helped me to keep my sanity over and on top of the well wishers and messages i have had over the last few months. I can’t emphasise enough about finding someone to talk with that will “give it to you straight” they have been where you are/maybe now.

So it is now back to the fishing reports at a random rate even when I’m rambling for the sake of padding out a report …
Tight lines folks and don’t forget to feed the seagull god before you cast out šŸ™‚


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