BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Wall status latest

Due to continued storm sequences the walls have taken further damage, it is a bit like the lad with his finger in the dike, its plugged but damage gets through !
As I was saying though due to continued storm forecasts and unpredictable weather there has been NO JET WASHING begun as of yet.

High seas and blows directly at the walls mean an awfully large amount of seawater is washing the lower levels and creating ideal conditions for algae growth.
In its simplest terms to set up the jet washer involves loading it into a car to get it to the marina and then a trolley (yea a marina one!) to get said machine up onto the required wall. Two miles of hose also need transporting up onto the walls and set up, another car and trolley trip… or two !
Fuel needs getting for the machine followed by the laying out & setting up of the jet washer and hoses even before anyone starts Jet washing !. Once the day is done all of this needs packing away and storing on the west in the tower as it cant be left on the wall (too many thieves). Day 2 then starts all over again moving hoses and setting up.
It will take time to get things done and no one in their right mind is going to start the process when there is only a 2-3 day gap in the weather as anything cleared of algae in 2 days followed by a week of poor weather would simply see the cleared area needing to be done again.

With regards to the Plaice comp, the date will stay but naturally its dependant on forecasts between now and then and actually getting the needed work done in time. It is very possible that it wont happen in March but Dave who is organising the jet washing and other wall repairs
obviously hopes to get the walls back open as soon as possible and for now is targeting being open by EASTER.
If the plaice comp is cancelled we will look at perhaps running it or something else later in the year IE. perhaps late summer early Autumn.

That’s it for now, unfortunately not better news but an update was due and now done. Until next time I bid you all ADIEU

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