BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

wall check done

Well here we are after the storm that was after the storm or summat like theat. Dave has managed to get up onto both walls to get checks and assess the damage expected. so lets start with the
WEST WALL , not counting the extension the west has amazingly got off lightly and will probably be the fastest back into an opening condition. The usual storm debris chucked up from heck knows where when storms happen so a minor tidy up and a case of get the jet washer out on what needs doing (half done pre storm), an issue with old hoses has been sorted with new hose on route so if the weather allows things may get sorted fairly quickly and opened (we shall see)

Over on the EAST WALL, things could have been much worse than they are but there is a fair old bit that’s taken a bashing.
The 3rd white gate at 29 is for want of a better term departed. Its been well mashed as has the “cage/gate” 1 bay from the white gate at 29.
We are lucky that no red posts have been smashed but with weakened fittings and similar to the redTbars cable pins currently 21 of the wires have been ripped out & much more poor weather will see a few more joining those already lost. Some very large chunks and part slabs of concrete that make up the step terracing have come away doing their own form of damage so repairs there will take time.
On top of all the listed damage we have contract work over due to start working on the upper levels of the east as soon as they can safely get up there (prob starting next week)which means a chat with them once they begin about having access to the lower level to do a clean up and begin repair work. for obvious reasons we cant say how long things will take to get the east in order as access is still to be worked out so as not to mess with the contracted work going ahead.

Dave is trying to source some fresh black but struggling as so few diggers have chanced the beaches. Rag worm he is hopeful to have thurs or fri
Shop Thursday open 9am til 1pm
and Friday shop open 8am til 5pm

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