BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

ups n down

I think it is now fair to say that we are well into the Autumn season, with the winds very much a case of UP’s & DOWNs bringing with them plenty of rain. Are there any benefits to V windy and loads of rain ? Some will tell you for sure. It guarantee’s plenty of room on the walls, the down side being that they can be shut as often as open. Big bonus, the dog mess and wee along with the human waste gets well rinsed off the walls as well..

The night sessions will start to be reduced as now the colder nights are coming in having the west open early week is often not viable if only 2 or 3 are likely to use it but Mark is still looking to have the west open at weekends (weather permitting )
On the whats being caught front Im told there are still plenty of squid about but the last couple of days its been a little tricky encouraging them onto the lures(no idea why). Bass are also still playing ball although the overall sizes being caught seems to have gone down, although there was a decent 9lb+ fish landed Wednesday night. Plaice seem to still be ticking over despite an obvious increase in the winter arrivals of dogfish, whiting, and also a marked increase of eels. Mackerel are still being reported in small numbers but I| suspect the better chances of getting one will now be landed on baited hooks rather than feathers

One other bonus/down side of all the rain will be a noticeable increase in flounders around the river estuaries and I gather there is more bass activity up the estuaries as well.

The weather looks as far as the marina is concerned proper pants thus both walls are expected to close early today as the winds pick up on the South west and will be closed tonight, all Saturday & Sunday and very likely on Monday so please keep an eye on updates of when the walls re open.
That is it for today and I will as usual bid you all ADIEU

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