BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters


Hi and as usual sorry for a lack of info but more importantly I hope everyone has had a decent Christmas or at least the best they chose to have. Hopefully the new year will produce an improvement to this year for everyone.

As many will realise both walls are currently closed part due to weather conditions, a big chunk because of storm damage and as usual for this time of year algae issues that will no doubt be well out of control up there as the conditions are now perfect for quick growth.
Needless to say it will take some time to sort and somewhat like trying to pain a bridge as soon as one area is jet wash the stuff is re forming. The biggest issue of course is being unable to get conditions that will actually enable people to get onto the walls to do some of the work that will defo need doing.

Some visitors to the marina may have found the shop closed so I apologise for not putting shop hours up on the home page sooner than I did and if you missed them on the home page I’d bet you then looked here for some updates that have been lacking from myself

so without the fanfares or angels heralding my post
SHOP HOURS AND non opening.
the shop is shut and will now not open until
Friday 6th Jan 9am til 3pm
expected then open with hrs set around weather conditions that will allow for boats getting out but the plan is to open atm
Sat 8am >>
all other hours I will post as I get told of them
Needless to say if you are a skipper or boat angler ok start again. If there are times you need bait please ring dave on his mobile num that is freely available to members of the marina fb group. Dave very often will put himself out to get people sorted with bait or items from shop out of hrs etc.

Here’s hoping that everyone has a great new years eve/day , some are still preparing for their Christmas so to the many that follow the Coptic church or alt religions have a great Christmas & new year, have a great saturnalia if that is your thing indeed if you are celebrating any calendar festival I hope you have a good and/or memorable one.
and finally to the yanks that don’t get it ….. seasons greetings šŸ™‚
Thats it for now ,bar saying
I may put up a fishing report in a few days for those that do the crazier conditions and those just curious so until the next one
be safe and be happy or at least as happy as life allows you.

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