BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters


Night fishing has been extended not to Thurs through til Sun on the WEST wall only.
The EAST WALL will open later in the evening on nights that we west wall remains open, thus from this week inclusive the

EAST WALL will open
Mon/T/W 6am til 6pm then
THURS/F/S/S 6am til 8pm

Catch reports are on the up with bream being caught on both walls, Bass are doing ok and plaice are now quite common but as prior said many are still quite small so please keep an eye on keeping sensible sizes. There are still conger about & the occasional wrasse has been had. Like wise there are occasional rays as well. May rot seems better over the larger high tides which are bringing in 2-3 mackerel here & there. Yes they are being caught on feathers but they are hard work so bring some bait or you will be knackered from feathering all day for maybe one or 2 fish.
likewise missing is them spring squid!, wtf is going on? 2 years in a row hardly one to be seen! Ive no idea why, surely its not just that wild weather in March and much of April !, who knows ? answers on a postcard please. Yep we have moved the comp to the Autumn in the hope we can get one run and I have been chatting with Robin on the best ways to proceed with the squid event in future. Lets see what develops.
Im hearing the dredger is expected to start working in the marina very soon and may be as soon as Monday.
Things looking up quite quickly and the weather is playing ball with it looking glorious out there during the day , although night temps are a bit chilly.
So, clarity good on the big tides, very gloopy with may rot on the smaller and low tides. That egg smell is defo noticeable.
Finally there seems to be a blip in the weather next Mon& maybe Tues that may cause the walls to shut but that will get called nearer the day and posted to home page, thus,
Thats all folks and I will bid you, until next time ADIEU

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