BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Tues am

yay the bank holiday is finally over and the numbers on the wall have eased back after having to gate off and run a one in one out system on Sunday all day on the east ’til near close and well into the night on the west wall followed by similar again on Monday i can say Tuesday is much calmer. granted the lack of mackerel reports probably have slowed the crowds that had it tough during the day. Ironically yesterdays report is a little different and almost a little hash for the many that fished the east !.

Things started busy but not manic and the east never quite filled although the west had to again queue people up for much of the day ( and trouble free I might add). So in its way busy also on the east but very few fish in the sunshine , a small flury of mackerel on the front end was in and gone in a few mins and a hand full managed to grab some, a few bream and a few plump plaice were had but that was it to be honest and many had turned for home by six pm although the west was still then very busy.
Anglers had been told to finish up about 7pm to allow me to get home and just prior a shoal of mackies arrived in the lowering sunshine(always the way). This resulted in some furious feather chucking as the time ticked down. a bit of time licence and some pushing their luck resulted in all getting a decent amount filling their bags/boxes and cool bags while being nudged to wind it down of which they did allowing the wall to be locked and gated by 7.45pm, the west remained busy well into the dark and am yet to get any reports from the last light and beyond , the daytime there again was tough on all.

the up side of yesterday was again seeing many old faces and even one or two from the FB group that I have often managed to miss in past years thus a quick hi to Gary Bowring if he reads these and also a shout out to marina resident John who showed up while I was sat by the cafe and who is always good to meet and catch up with .

Glad to not be down the marina today or indeed the next few days as my old bones are seriously feeling it today !

I am still this morning contemplating starting a hall of shame on the marina website as sadly even with patrols on the east idiots still insist on climbing up onto the top level of the east, some fortunately being intercepted before they can use it as a toilet but it seems the determined will try as soon as your back is turned in broad daylight and then use the old chestnut when caught of
“I didnt know the rules”
who in their right mind think its ok to urinate on a footpath or would ? sadly some still think its acceptable so i’m beginning to think it is acceptable to make their faces famous and post it up on a new gallery for the website , oh I so wish we could get names to add to the images !
Ho hum for now I will collect the pics.
over n out for another day

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