BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Tiz Sunday

Here we go another Sunday but not just another Sunday its season end Sunday .. yea I know its not fish, that to follow. Just wanted to say I got tickets for the last home hame of the season btn vs west ham & plan to blow the cobwebs into next week .

On the fish side , at time of typing no night round up but things defo improved on the walls yesterday with Plaice, bream, wrasse, bass, sole & hound pups all mid to high on the East , plaice in the usual spots , prawns now showing in the tide pools even a couple of those super rare mackerel thingies. Not sure if posted but during the week a decent (for the wall) pollack and coal fish for one angler on the east also.

While it may not seem great when compared to mid May on some years, for this year thats a pick up after some up & down days on the reports that even seem a bit sparse on the beaches. Talking of which it seems thornbacks & undulate catches have again picked up with the calmer weather. on that front (get it !) there is a bit of a bump coming Wednesday that looks like it will force a close for sure on the west & if it swings a bit may close both walls for the day & Thurs may be a bit unplesant on the west also so please if you are planning a trip check the forecast… unless you are chasing bass on the beaches of course.
At time of typing this the weather out is looking just the job, so what every you are doing today , enjoy it, the week ahead other than wed is looking fairly decent and average temps seem to have improved a bit.
Happy Sunday all,

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