BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

tiz Friday

Well we have had a sluggish week on the walls, a few Mackerel every day then a large shoal spotted of the marina WED evening just b4 the light went. Thurs morning saw a flurry of Mackies on the east but nothing special but I understand things have been better with catches on both wall….could they be in ? , cant yet say yes as we do get the odd day when 100 or so fish get caught then its back to 2’s & 3’s time will tell.

Cuttle have been spotted also, a vid clip posted on thurs (again thurs)of a cuttle swimming backward had a few people briefly foxed but interestingly one person commented that they had seen others earlier in the week, could there be a late arrival of Squid & Cuttle, hopefully the spring run is about to begin.

Other than the usual suspects of Plaice Bass Conger and a few Bream & Wrasse there has not been much to report, mostly there is tons of space on the walls , even last weekend there was space and the weather was really good apart from the flippin north wind !

Talking of “that” North wind the forecasts show that it will be with us for at least another week so if you are night fishing you may want to pack some warm gear as it can get somewhat chilly once the sun drops below the horizon . Daytime temps look best on Sat with XC weather showing a peak of 18c sunny and prob the warmest of the weekend.

This weekend the WEST WALL is open all night FRI/SAT & SUN
The EAST WALL will open 7am and close later at 9pm each of those nights.
Well thats it from me, not much said but signs that things are picking up finally. ^m tides with highs around mid day and midnight this week so them early morning
Bass should be lurking this weekend for those using lures.
And with that I will say adieu

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