BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Tiz Easter

I guess I should put up a mini report being as I managed a little jaunt out on the east wall yesterday.
Was a spur of the moment thing having spent the last week staring out of the window pondering on trying to get out and fish Vs the known pain levels that would be the cost of such a silly thing to do to myself. Thus I took the quad down and Son & Max drove down, set up @ 28 and slowly blanked while max managed a plaice on my borrowed rod. Was nice to get out even though the inevitable pain crept up on me and made for a fairly sore ride home but , got out, caught up with a fair few people and gained enough info to post a round up of yesterday in general.

Good Fri on the walls, By recent weeks standards the walls for a change were fairly busy but by no means packed. There was plenty of space on both walls although the west for much of the day was the busier regarding free space with the low bays on west very underfished and much ignored(imo thats usually were the flat fish and bass may lurk) and for those unable to be dropped off by the east there was room for those making the walk.
Granted much of the fishing day was not great and seemingly the early morning tides were the more productive. On the east the plaice numbers are again increasing though the number of non keepers out weigh those worth keeping and those fish in size. for those after a species count yesterday prob was a day to be out there with Plaice dab , flounder and sole being recorded on the flatfish front.
For the species count hunters as well as the flats you could add, dogfish, baby tope & smoothound pups, blennies, scorpion(bullheads)fish, whiting, bass and conger all being confirmed and I will whisper that I can confirm a mackerel caught on a yellow lure ! they wont be far away for a week or 2 run on the walls , my guess around the larger tides of the 20th April.

East arm fishing yesterday as say was best on the morning tides from low to high but that said ive not much report news of yesterday after about 4pm but will try and get a chat with mark who was working yesterday.

weather looks to go cack come Tues so expect the walls to be closed TUES WED< Thurs as is should be ok but a bit far off to safely call atm BUT
It looks good out there for easter and a dabble in the sunshine for a change so if you can get out , enjoy the weather. For me , its the wifes birthday Tues and mine on Friday, I shant post my age for then but I can promise its not the 102 that someone recently suggested.
Tight lines all, and have a great easter what every you are doing, and if you are not “doing” I hope you enjoy the calm or rest.

P.S. while getting out has been at a painful price it was great to be out and speaking to the many that stopped for a chat as they were coming on or going off the wall. To all of those people, (if you read here) I thankyou for taking the time to stop, it all added to the joy of the impromptu visit

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