BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

thurs re-open info

here we go folks, the walls will open this weekend and we plan to get some open tomorrow.

will open hopefully about 11am Friday bays 1-29 at the cage gate and will close at dusk 5pm providing the harris fencing can be set up correctly.
Sat open 7am till 5pm
Sun open 7am till 5pm

WEST WALL further checks and clean-up is required on the west but it is hoped to have the wall open for mid-day to 1pm and will CLOSED 5PM on Friday there will be no night fishing Friday due to outstanding repairs
Sat WEST will open between 7 and 7.30 am,
there is still some work to do on the wall to make it safe for night fishing and until finished I cant confirm the wall will stay open for night fishing on Sat but we are aiming to have it open if possible so watch for updates.

Sun WEST will open 7ish if the wall wasn’t open overnight (see above) it is expected to have finished the needed work on the west by Sun and we plan to open for night fishing Sun night all night.

EAST open 7am till 5pm
WEST already open will close 5pm ish


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