BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Thurs info lacking report

So a first attempt at doing a report from the mobile while the pc is doing an enforced widows update. Very different layout so could be interesting.

So, struggling for reports on the marina fb group and not much feedback from the walls the last 2-3 days other than the following…..

East wall, the plaice are doing ok but there are may small ones out there, please if it wont make a decent meal put the back, I promise, they get bigger than the recommended keep size of 28cm. Gurnards now starting to increase in numbers may suggest that the crabs are moving off the sand and allowing other fish at the walls.

some bream scattered amongst the bays and baby smothies and rays caught to top up the species counters.

Over on the west the mainstay is bream, a few wrasse showing as well with some flatties lower and mid wall regions. Yes there are still crabs but many now finishing their moulting and shell shedding so the numbers should slow up

A reminder to all using the marina, we are in a marine controlled zone (mcz) of beachyhead west and that comes with specialised rules and limits on some things

Spider crab collection is 10 pee person a day and must be 10cm across the back. Prawns 1litre collection allowed per day per person.

Fish size recommendation can be found on the “size regs” page

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