BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Sunday !

Good morning campers and…… Hi de hiiiiggghhhhhh šŸ™‚
So if you missed the late announcement we have both walls open , The west is open to the toilet block (extension will be done maybe for Easter) and the East wall is open from bay 1 to 29 at the gate and steps.
the weeks forecast looks decent but cold with some areas getting cold weather warnings but I expect both walls to stay open unless a further drop causes sever freezing on the walls and becomes an issue so if you plan a visit , wrap up, keep warm and come get some plaice.

As some may have noticed over the last couple of weeks plaice reports along the local beeches has increased quite quickly and although many of the catches are still considered undersized there are a few out there of quality that will make a trip a decent tempt.

On the walls we opened the west of friday and conditions were a bit lumpy but Im told reliably there was a codling a couple of under sized bass (still catch and release atm) a few whiting and some small returned plaice.
Sat there was a clonker by most standards on the wall of nr 2.5lb and measured at 50cm which for early Feb is an amazing fish. the rest of the day after that highlight was mostly under sized plaice and whiting but the one fish no doubt encouraged a fair few today to chance their luck with rod & line.

Reports feeding back around the morning high tide was a slow but steady tick of fish and am hoping for a more comprehensive round up of how things went later on today.

Both walls are open with no direct plans to close them this week, daytime fishing only for a while and this weeks shop hours are posted to the home page near the top.
Should any charter skippers need bait earlier than the posted times please call the shop or Dave so that they can try and sort your needs.

That’s it from me for the day, tight lines if your out, dont forget to wrap up if you are planning to go out, its sunny but there a definate chill out there already

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