BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Sunday morning coming down

Well hello there, for those of you that recognise the title as a song you may thing this post is about to be bad news … or I may have a hangover ! well actually it is a very very

Good morning !
yes despite the cloudy start (imo good for fishing) the catch news is excellent. Over the last couple of days the may rot that had seemingly stuck to the marina’s concrete has finally been blown clear and the fishing on Friday showed signs of an instant pick up and change for the good.

Fridays day time was followed up by a night of fish. The evening mackerel continued on and off well into darkness that were then soon followed by some shoals of horse mackerel.
Now I know there have been a few out there waiting in this news as the horse mackerel I can firmly say are now hear at night as are the mackerel during the day.
WHITEBAIT on the shore lines have exploded everywhere with shoals of mackerel chasing them. Close behind the Mackies are BASS chasing and gorging themselves. Add to this the expected promise of BREAM has followed with some decent catches on both walls.
GAR FISH I heard someone ask yesterday , well yes and no sort of, the numbers are barely there to say anything other than one or two straps. I will copy in the tail end of BECKY LEE’s post on the marina FB group to give you an idea of what this weekend had turned into :-

{part of Becky’s post}
Baits were ragworm and blacks and some frozen peeler. Species caught
Pout x 6Ballan wrasse x 2Bass x 1Corkwing wrasse x 1Tompot Blenny x 4Plaice x lost count best three 33, 33 and 34Dabs x 5 Black Bream x 2 Silver eel x 2Mackerel White bait Smooth hound pup x 112 species for the day so happy with that but no soles.Also witnessed a heron being chased by a couple of seagulls. Never seen so much whitebait. The water was black with it all day against the arm. Sea trout jumping. All in all a good day and met some new people.

The west wall at night over the weekends has become very busy so advice to night anglers is get there by 9pm or you may not find a spot to fish in comfort.
A reminder to all that use the marina that good practice is highly encouraged and if retaining fish anglers are expected to dispatch(kill) their fish quickly and then store them suitably. Wardens have been instructed to do this and it make the walls far more acceptable to casual visitors walking along watching the “fishing” if anglers look to be doing the right thing by killing fish quickly so no suffocation flapping on the concrete.

A second reminder about blue lighting on all powered lights, we have been sourcing transparent sticky back coloured film for lights and with advice from people that help run things over at Shoreham I was advised to try purple as well as various shades of blue which work well so I can add here for readers a list of some items that work on changing the lights to non white.
Blue carrier bags:- Work well in a double layer, cheep and simple, can also be used whole to tie around underwater lights.
Blue marker pens:- or bingo markers, also cheep and easy
Quality street wrappers:- yup easy to use once you have eaten the box full šŸ™‚
sticky back TRANSPARENT colour paper/film I have tested light blue which was not suitable but any darker blue or even the purple shades work very well.

Back to the fishing report and as per Becky’s post I copied I can confirm that both walls have been very busy for fish and obviously quite busy for people wanting to fish, there has been space for all but occasionally the gate has been shut to control numbers once or twice at night. thus please plan your trips to arrive at suitable times, getting here an hour before high tide and wondering why its so busy will be explained as .. well everyone else thought the same, get there just b4 the tides just to find the place very busy :).

Finally a word about the EAST WALL at night.
Sadly some morons decided that they would fish the east wall at night, Yes it is CLOSED AT NIGHT, the gates are shut over with it being obvious they are closed.
I would like to thank the anglers that reported this incident to me last night, while it was past midnight I do encourage these calls.
the duty warden was alerted to the issue who then reported the matter to marina security and then the idiots over on the EAST were removed.
Hopefully the marina prosecute these people for trespass so the message is loud and clear

and with that I will say, happy fishing folks , its all happening out there so go get some. And with that my final words until next time…. ADIEU šŸ™‚

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