BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Sunday lunch

Things seem to have slowed down this week as the mackerel start playing further from the wall and the shoal visits thin. Bass reports are also seemingly down or its a case of lack of anyone posting.
Reports of may rot and loads of weeded lines are increasing also.

Took a trip down to the marina yesterday on my new scooter & things were very quiet at 5ish with the low tide and low catch report although come 7pm plaice were being caught on the east although those i saw were not IMO keepers.
Boats have noted a bit lof a lul inshore as well so may simply be a case of “ONE of those weeks”

On chatting to one of the shop staff I put a post up on the marina group of which I will post below this , part as a word of caution for new readers but part also to show the old hands that things are starting to be monitored a little closer>> the post


A little word of caution.
Very V recently the east wall was being checked by staff prior to closing for the night. (upper level is closed)
An angler was seen on the upper level(which is closed to all) with rod in hand who suddenly chose to go back down to the lower level.
When the staff member reached him the angler asked if fishing was allowed “on the inside”

Needless to say the staff member pointed out that anyone fishing inside risk being asked to leave, at which the angler seemed to look rather sheepish but said no more.

As he left the wall the staff member saw 2 security officers headed up the wall, strangely enough they were going up so a numbered bay area where someone HAD BEEN FISHING INSIDE……..

Anyone want to guess who the security were off to see on the wall ?
YUP a no brainer they went to chat to the angler
 who was asked to leave.
The security cameras do work well !

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