BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

sun roundup ish

Unfortunately Ive not much to say other than the lack of mackerel which some will see as a good thing others not so. As per for the east arm the plaice tick over steadily and the weekend has seen a few decent bass on both walls to various baits including prawns doing well.
Over all lacking that many reports even from the wardens who are operating on auto pilot. Numbers Thurs was busy day time , Fri so so number wise. Slow going yesterday as the rain likely as not put many off early morning.~
No feed back as I type (11am) of how busy it is but my guess is loads of space as Ive not had a call to go assist.
Night update include rays, sole, plaice and bass, not so many crabs around which tbh is a
good thing but its still early in the season.
May rot report is the water is a deep emerald green so depth visibility is not there yet & hard to say if its clearing or sitting dornmant, there a real need for plenty of sun to bring the water temp up properly or it will linger when not wanted.

Squid reports seem to have ended although its not unusual to catch cuttle most of the year.
Most of the week looks decent up til Thursday when its showing a rise in the SW winds and if it stays as indicated it likely to cause issues Thurs to both walls and spill over to Fri on the west .. beyond that … hard to say.

thats it for now until next time

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