BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Sun round up

Not a great deal today tro say for a sunday morning so I will do my best to simply waffle away for a few lines more than usual.

Thus we start with the shortest actual catch report of .. Ive got nothing, nope not a word to say as essentially the walls had been closed for 3 days as winds blew away doing its damndest to re-coat the walls in algaue ! (wont dave be pleased!).

From that high point I guess those that don’t do the book of face would like to know how far the jet washing has progressed even though a few may realise that bad weather equals zilch done in the way of wall maintenance ! sound grim eh, well not so much as the impression may seem to give.

Dave has cracked on with it and despite a few grumbles last week about no warning given about opening the east last Sunday most wont realise how much work goes into the jet washing and how when doing it a full day you walk of the wall with the feeling that your whole skeleton is still vibrating and hands & arms tingle for hours after each session.
Anyhoo last weekend it was put out there that Dave was indeed jetwashing and had got the west uto the bog completed and open and was trying to get some on the east done.

The shop had been told at the earliest some of the EAST could open as soon as Monday IF LUCKY so it was kept quiet so as not to raise hopes that Dave had elected to stay late SAT well into darkness jet washing so that a suprise announcement could be made to give marina group users an early present of the EAST WALL ready to open. Those smart enough to check here or the home page SAT night saw that indeed DAVE had indeed smashed the wall and got 1 to 29 fit to open… even the repair guys came in extra on SAT/SUN to get 20+ wires fixed ready to open Sun morning.IMO having done the jet washing many times he did a damned good job getting 2 days work sorted on that Saturday ready for opening up.

The irony was that the weather gods decided to then frown and force a shut down mid week for a few days.
So where is it open to I hear whispered.
as of today defo 1-50 is and im awaiting a call being as the weather is nice because Dave is at it again and not only sorting the lower final bays but also the upper walkways so that it may be possible Monday morning to FULLY OPEN THE EAST top and bottom if he gets done what he is aiming at.
So there you have it, the longest long winded post in months saying very little about catches šŸ™‚
until next time , sayonora folks

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