BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Sun am

So, a quick-ish round up of the last 2 days, with loads of whitebait and smaller species such as pout, bullheads(scorpion fish) gobies and blennies grabbing at baits down the sides of the walls things are looking good for the species hunters at the moment. Day and night is fishing fairly well and well respectively . Bream are still on the increase although sizes are a bit hit and miss.
Bass are out there to be had and seemingly at the moment eels of plague proportions, mostly conger but there is also a good number of silver eels about. If targeting eels … or at least catching please be aware of the size requirement for congers (91cm) and that ALL SILVER EELS should be returned as they are on the protected lists . if unsure of any sizes for keeping fish have a look on the site at the “size” page >> link >>
Size Regs – The Famous Tacklebox Brighton (

The fishing wardens do try to encourage sensible fish management but don’t always have time to spend going through the many various sizes for keeping fish. When I am on the walls I try to get anglers to think about their catches and keepers with a simple question ….
“Do you think that fish is big enough to make a meal for yourself “
if the reply is in anyway negative they have answered the question for themselves and usually return the fish to grow some more.

Other species over the weekend has thrown up a couple of nice trigger fish, the fifth that I am aware of on the marina this year! all caught during the year and I believe most or all on squid strips while the anglers have been targeting Bream.

Night times have produced a lot of horse mackerel (scad) as well as some mackerel, bream, bass, a return of the rays including some small eyed rays that are less common than the usual Thornback or Undulates that we commonly see on the wall, Pout and channel whiting also, and some nice sole.

Daytimes, I don’t seem to have heard much of the plaice catches recently but they usually are there in with most catches on the east including as some I have already mentioned such as … Bream, Bass, Mackerel, plaice, gobies, blennies, wrasse, gurnard & red mullet.

Likewise, I have not heard about mullet that much this year, possibly due to one of the marina’s more popular anglers having passed away last year. I suspect “TONY” will be missed my many up and around bay 59/60 where he was most commonly seen drip feeding bread all morning targeting the mullet.

On that note I will finish up this “quick” report (yea I know I ramble)
till next time , signing out


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