BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Squid comp

Squid comp info now sorted, this years comp again will be hosted by the LISA group (local independent sea anglers)
>>>> L.I.S.A. <<<<

Sunday 24th April starting at 9am til 2pm

There will be 33 bays available for the event thus 66 places. (bays 8 to 33 inclusive)

Booking in from 8am starts 9am til 2pm.

1 rod 2 jigs max may be used

Prizes for 1st,LONGEST SINGLE squid or cuttlefish, and
2nd LONGEST OVERALL catch and
1st prize also for juniors.

Squid measured from mantle to tip of tail as do cuttlefish

A number of ‘double’ bays will be available for anglers wishing to fish together (please email here if you dont use facebook, full list will be posted in facebook group)


Cost to enter is £15 adult
senior £13 and
junior/£8 (must be accompanied)
all entries INCLUDE rod fee for the day 1 rod..

Raffle tickets will be available and all proceeds of the event (raffle and comp)to be split between LISA and the RNLI.


As ever, the event is subject to weather conditions on the day and will be cancelled, possibly at short notice, if the weather conditions are not good enough for it to go ahead safely.

On the catching front the west wall leads the way but i suspect this is mainly because there are a couple of very able squid catchers fishing that side more than the east wall at the moment but am expecting catches to start showing in equal numbers very soon. There have been herring on & off this week mostly over the high tide on the east more than the west ( see the clever plan to split you all ? yea , no it wasnt deliberate but just panned out that way …. honest guv!
Rumour of bass but ive not seen any on the wall as yet confirmed but for those that know of fishy robs blogs its worth keeping an eye on for more accurate info than i give fleetingly here. Plaice continue to tick over , low bays on the west and almost anywhere over 14 on the east will do you, if you fancy a flounder look to the lower bays on the east over the mussel patches ( bays 6 to 16), sole can be found near the bend of the east at distance or high up near the end of the east if its open that far. Havnt seen any early bream catches but again the best mark for the early bream is up on bay 60/74 if they are open, Ive had a few last week of march in the past so may be time to have a go if access that high is open on the east. There also seem to be a good number of rays being caught by the boats fishing very close to the marina walls so mackerel baits may be worth a go on that front. Finally on the species front i have seen a few private boats log some gurnard catches which also seem early to me , either that or i simply have not been paying attention to them . Yes things are picking up but the productive sessions are still patchy so expect to work for it if you are species counting . If you are out for “anything you can get” the plaice and flatties are your best bet with a large hook bait out just in case a ray or bass is lurking 🙂
Tight lines all , spring has sprung and brought the snow flurries to many so… wrap up warm for another week or so and then i recon the decent weather will return for Easter.

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