BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Sept already

Well here we are and into Autumn, seems the weather gods have been having a laugh with everyone, what the EFF happened to summer?
Oh well , a bit of a meagre report full mostly with scraps unless your name is Glenn!
So lets start, we have had 2 days where garfish have been caught on the east, today they started 2 hrs before the high, no doubt Glenn will be after them tomorrow. Bream seem to be ticking over now that we have some settled weather but I recon things are fairly slow. I suspect all the winds we have been plagued with have totally wound the fish up and as a result both walls are suffering still. Hopefully a few days of clear weather will start to make it worth having a dabble.

12 lb +, yea but 12 lb what?, well a decent bass was landed on the west yesterday morning and caused a stir as the angler chose to take it home. Some insisted it should go back on the forums which is a shame as most anglers rare get to see yet alone land such a fish and if was me I’d have said aaaaawwwwweeeeesoooommmmeeee and then knock it on head for eating later.
Now some think a 20 year old fish like that should go back, not me though. Why ? well its had its breeding years & im of the view that in taking the biggies it is far better than taking decent matured breeding bass of 50-60cm out of the water.

Good luck to the dude that caught it , when cooked I hope it tastes fantastic :).

Other catches over the last few days, well yes there have been some mackerel but mostly in the morning early and not many of them. On the other hand horse mac are doing ok at night . There seems to be fewer Wrasse and gurnards being reported although like the goat fish/red mullet they are out there. And with the mention of mullet that rounds us up quite nicely in that I heard confirmed a decent mullet for east wall regular Roy Arnold although the weight is not known to me.
Finally a reminder that there is a blue light policy at night. Please dont give the night guys grief over this, like Shoreham we have been asked to ensure the correct light colours so they do not clash with navigation lights for any boat traffic that may be about . This includes blue lights in the water not green , many thanks.
And with those last few words i will bugger off to the footy to watch BTN Vs Newcastle thus I bid you a grand ADIEU

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