BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

seems like weeks

Sooo, as I have just been reminded, Ive overlooked the blog but posted updates. How long ? hmmm 24th sept oops.
So whats been happening, tbh not a massive amount. Flakey weather in the main causing shut downs over the last 10 days more than openings. Yesterday the east was open for a few hours in the lull that was fairly brief. Fish were had & quite a few showed up braving the weather or despite the weather & bass & plaice amongst other species had although there were no great over harvests that almost became a nasty normal sight.
The wardens can and do set limits on takes but rarely do it as the season for mackies seems to get shorter & shorter… perhaps that may explain to some degree this years carnage or should I say frenzy. Either way a couple of the wardens called enough & started imposing a limit on what people could take to a simple rule. If it looks too much to carry on your own in one go … stop feathering & fish another way or pack up.
It did actually cause some to stop & think while others were shocked to be stopped. It still amazes me that people need to be told when enough is enough & the greed has to stop.

Mostly wardens other than rod fee collecting are rarely seen. That doesnt follow that they are not about, it means they are doing their jobs & letting anglers get on with fishing in relative peace. (boom boxes dont count )The wardens prefer to be not noticed, that means things are ticking over with little to no issues thus people start to think the wardens only show to take ya monies and are never about… which is why some are surprised when we can target somewhere when we know there is an issue and can sort it quickly. It works when people let us know. It fails when people post 3 days later there was an issue.

So back to the walls , today and Tues both walls expected shut unless I post otherwise. Wed subject to the usual damage checks both walls should be open but there may be a little delay as things are checked over. Weather man says no issues from wed to next tues or longer so expect those big Autumn squid to be about, walls currently 7am to 7pm but that may be revisited soonish & for those fishing the beaches at night … get them lures out this weekend. Big 7m tides sat & sun should throw up some big bass/squid and congers. There is lots still out there if the weed can be avoided or dispersed.

Good hunting folks & I may see some of you on the west this w/end šŸ™‚

P.S. get those piccys sent into the FB group, time we added to the squid & bass galleries

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