BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Saturday honesty !

Well what can I say about Friday on the walls. Well after 2 evenings/nights that did ok for mackerel and very well for horse mackerel, even a decent bass or two Friday was not so good.

In fact Friday bar a few fish Friday morning and a Decent bream in the evening the daytime was a bit of a brutal bust ! What me saying the wall fishing was cack ! heavens above did I really say it was shyte ? Yup I did. Everything yesterday afternoon was looking as if the evening was going to be ideal. I had even popped down onto the west after 5pm for a chat and socialise. Got told how poor the day had been and was there to take a picture of the only fish I saw on the west while there. A fairly decent Bream that regular angler “MO” had caught by the toilet block… but as they say.. that was it.
Me chatting away as I do remarked how it looked as if there may be a late flurry of mackerel possibly with horse mac mixed in as the sun dropped below the BTN (well Hove actually)skyline but even that thought I found out later was a bust. Who’da thunk it eh, me being well wrong (again) I bet there were a few cussin me last night for sure !….

Thus as I type up this report the sun is up and already feeling that the day is a bit of a scorcher (again) and all I can say is if you are planning on fishing the walls please take plenty of sun protection and prepare for a hot day which will be very exposed. Them walls act like a sun trap so please make sure you are well supplied with water because the sun is cooking ppl to a crisp out there.
As a final note I have just seen a piccy on the book of face of a gorgeous large 4lb ish cuttle fish filling a drop net on the west for one happy angler .
No report as yet of activity on the walls so will catch that bit up another day.
Until then folks have a great weekend and I … will bid you ADIEU.

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