BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Sat round up


sorry been a bit remiss on the updates ,   real life distracts me from time to time . Shocking I know but  hey, there it is . sooooo  Start of with the  poo news.

Anglers still have not got the message about climbing up on the east wall.  An accident was just avoided Thursday when a lazy fool climbed up to the top level after packing up “to walk off the wall” The dumper truck  coming up the wall missed him by inches.

words fail me that are printable here !

Please please please all anglers need to step up on this, watch each other and watch out for the walls  safety. A meeting with the builders, the  shop and marina bosses was had  Friday morning and we escaped close down  by a whisker. So to all wall users , look out for each other and respect the wall, the upper level is a no go for any reason, it is a building site. Lorries and  work vehicles use it all the time & the next “accident ” may do more than put someone in hospital & close the walls.

So onto better  things. 

Bass , bass & bass. Some great fish coming out and a superb fish yesterday on the east of 6.9kilo! , mackerel and black lug baits! Yes it was one for the table, some would say put it back so it can breed and i’m in that camp BUT , on the wall I will always defend the right of an angler to keep or return any legal fish  should they chose to do so…. superb and for many a fish of a lifetime.

Yes there are plenty of bass coming out on both walls, prawns  top of the pile atm, followed by  mackerel and /or  squid baits .

While mentioning prawns , please note the marina is within Beachy head west marina zone (MCZ) and has restrictions on shell foods collection that includes prawns and  most types of crabs. So please take note , limits are  in a 24 hour collection session  so  one sesh is not  b4 midnight & 1 sesh after.

Limits in the mcz

It is prohibited to remove from the shore, from any part of the MCZ, in a single calendar day more than: (i) 2 lobsters (Homarus gammarus)

 (ii) 5 edible crabs (Cancer pagurus) 

(iii) 20 crabs in total of any species other than Cancer pagurus

 (iv) 1 kg of mollusc shellfish (bivalve or gastropod species) except piddock species (Pholadidae family), blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) or native oyster (Ostrea edulis)

 (v) A total of 1 kg of prawns or shrimps 

(vi) 1 kg of marine worms (Annelida) 

(vii) 2 kg of intertidal seaweed It is prohibited to remove any quantity of the above species in connection with any commercial purpose. 

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