BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

sat round up & updates

So the night fishing news, Issues have been building for a week or two with the sheer volume of people wanting to use the walls day and night time. With Dover shut & a few other venues also restricted it seems everyone is opting to head to Brighton. Add into the mix more than 70% of the east wall has been lost to Building/repair work, furloughed people paid to have time off, fine weather and the arrival of mackerel shoals means that staff are already struggling to cope with the extra numbers in limited space and then the explosion of crazy that mackerel shoals on the walls bring.

This has resulted in aggressive behaviour to staff, miss use of the east wall thus hampering building work and creating health issues on the east on the upper levels and some cases on the west also, add to this various safety issues with the east upper due to works there.

Pressure from numbers and builders wanting to work means we have taken the decision to close BOTH walls at night. The entrances had to be manned from 11pm to 3 in the morning just to prevent the wall from being swamped with anglers unhappy about long waits to get on and fish with some electing to top up their beer levels while waiting and causing issues with the guys manning the walls all hours of the day.

Staff should not have to put up with any form of abuse from anglers disappointed in having to wait their turn to fish ! 3 this morning on the east were band for this reason so please , while we want to get you all fishing we simply cant do it while under space restrictions caused by the covid situation and repair situation on the east.

Once the building work is complete (sometime in sept) we will re visit the idea of night fishing but until we have the extra space & certain factors calm down it will be a case of daytime only.


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