BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Sat am

The east wall this week has done very well for herring. Conditions for what ever reason have come together and produced over a week of herring initially for 15-20 min b4 the high and then numbers slowly increased as did the length of time they were shoaling along the east wall. Thurs/Fri the duty warden posted pics as early as 4 hours before the tide of catches that continued for a good 4-6hours.
Plaice numbers and quality were down this week, I guess we cant have it all ways but for February the fishing has been unusually better thn the normal for this time of year.

Conditions look to remain similar for at least a week with light northerlies keeping things cold so I defo advise wrapping up even if you are moving about having a go for the herrings.
There is fresh black and ragworm in the shop this morning so worth ringing them and booking while the weather holdsas it is unusually nice out there in the sun.

Other catches being reported along the local beaches include bass that are still catch and release, rays, of which some decent sized thornbacks have been pictured on social media this week as well as the usual giant sea slugs aka conger. As well as plaice off the walls and beaches there have been a few dabs as you travel westwards and mixed in with the local plaice are the usual flounders.
Unusualy there were gar fish reported Thursday seen skipping the water surface and tbh I never realised we could get them this early in Sussex.
So all in all for Feb a fair bit of activity to tempt the casual anglers out.
Thats it for today, over n out –>>

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