BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Sad news

This evening I post with a heavy heart and the permission of family members of the loss not only of someone I considered a friend not just to myself but many others also and know he will be greatly missed by many of the regulars on the marina.

Over the weekend and yesterday news slowly filtered through of the death of a marina regular who fished the walls for over 30years.
Many knew him as Ali or simply as the eldest of “the ALI brothers” and even “Allibaba” as Dave would often call him in jest and the name just seemed to stick.
“Ali senior” died as I understand it after a blood clot was detected in his body and he was given medication to resolve the issue. At time of typing I don’t know if the meds were not given in time or not taken or simply had little impact on the clot but ALI died of a large aneurism or T.I.A. (stroke) so most likely very quickly.
Dave was called by his younger brother Monday morning with the sad news, and I left a message on their answer phone mid-day.
I was stunned that he managed to call me Monday evening and we chatted about fishing their cooking on the wall and my lads liking to fish with them at night for bass. The call was a tough one for me and often hardly knew what to say but realised also what it must have taken for him to ring me as he did, and I fee quite humbled by the whole call and its impact.
Both were known well and would often fish the west wall for 2-3 days at a time camping on the wall often bay 1 when tents were allowed and more recently camping on the beach. His younger brother I commonly seen cycling around the marina for bait of shopping on an old beat-up bike :).

Between them both many have been introduced to fishing from London as well as being familiar friendly faces on the walls. I can’t say I have ever heard a bad word from either about other people and were always welcoming and helpful, so much so in that they were almost treated like fishing wardens by some as they often help those working while there were in Brighton.

There is a card of condolence in the tacklebox for a couple of days so if anyone reading this would like to leave a message or two thats where the card can be found. Please relay this message as I’m sure many would not only wish to know but would also like to add a few words
For me one of the worst things about getting older is hearing of the passing of friends and loved ones and some losses hit harder than others, this one is a tough one.

Ali, I hope you are out there somewhere looking down with that sly smirk as it breaks into one of those big grins
rest well my friend

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