BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters


Just a quick update from the WEST as ive no info on jet washing progress since the last update.

So, the west opened on Saturday and subject to conditions will be open daily 7am til 5pm. Things weren’t over pleasant this weekend, I guess a typical grey sky weekend for Early march. Water coloured and quite a biting easterly so not the greatest of time to be sat out in the elements on a beach or wall somewhere.

Plenty of dogfish about if you like that sort of thing and the usual whiting coming out.
There are some bass out there for those that know where/when to be looking for them and lures are doing ok for them. I’m guessing most looking here will be hunting plaice reports or even early summer species of which so far there is little signs.
The beaches along from the west are doing ok for plaice in numbers but over all the quality are still on the smaller and thinner side. those going what most term of keepers are as said mostly quite thin so if you plan to keep the “in size” Id say also have an eye on the thickness as many once cooked will have little flesh on them and seem mostly bone.
The west for now will continue with 7am to 5pm hours of opening and any changes will be posted here and on the marina facebook group.
Thats it for now, granted not much to say , so until next time I bid you all ADIEU

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