BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

round up

was a very busy weekend , sunday more than sat with queue’s on both walls at lunchtimes. A reminder folks , the lower levels are for anglers only and everyone on the lower level should have a permit to fish … even if you have no personal fishing gear.

IF YOU ARE ON THE LOWER LEVEL EXPECT TO BE CHARGED spaces are limited and are for anglers only, yes the wardens do permit “visitors & parents of anglers” under specific reasons but the lower levels should remain anglers only.

Covid restrictions universally mean we have had to become firmer regarding numbers on the wall, gatherings of more than 6 are not permitted for any reason and will be asked to disperse or gather elsewhere off the walls. This is also part of the reason for firming up in place rules already on the walls.

Likewise , headlamps, lamps, torches & beam lights should be blue or white only , green/red lights on the wall or in the water must not be used , they are assigned colours for navigation. Tiplights of any colour are allowed.

BBQ’s and tents are a no no, if you need to cook bring a portable gas stove or got to the beach.. If you need to have a tent , keep it on the beach , the walls are for fishing & not camping/sleeping.

Catch report for the weekend

Both walls saw plenty of mackerel and gar early morning and continued up and over the high tide , sat was better for plaice & bream & sunday was a bit slower on the fish front. Decent bass had on the west sat night mid and higher up the wall on the sands… a few bream & gurnards out with plenty of bait fish down the sides. Many struggled once the low arived but perhaps that was due to the shere amout chosing to feather rather than bait fish ….

weather alert for wed/thurs with likely shut walls watch home page for updates.

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