BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

round up

Monday, I think ! lets start with a quick round up then a squid comp report.
The weather has been reasonably kind this week other than a couple of days with that pain in the butt of a north wind that has dropped tems & hampered many trying to float fish while constantly putting on coats then removing as either the sun dominates or the wind takes over. That dealt with the fishing is beginning to improve on the walls and rapidly at sea for the various bouts going out so on the boat side:- the bream numbers and quality a bit west of here are rapidly increasing and there are some good trips to be had. The wreck runs are doing well on Pollack but the cod have become unicorn and are seemingly absent although I occasionally sea a beach report of a cod 99% of them are codling and barely worth keeping. Rays are seemingly everywhere and not just the standard undulate and thornback. Plenty of variety for the species hunters out there. Plaice off Brighton are a standard and doing reasonably. Mackerel sill in the singles and herring now have dropped away with gurnard seemingly the replacement atm.

On the walls squid sizes vary from 25 cm to about 45cm and are a steady catch on the west with few targeting them on the east but yes they are there its just a case of do the walk or get a m8 to drop you off down there as there is no parking for anglers that end & that includes still the blue bays but i am trying to get something agreed but it will take time as no one seems to want to make a decision and the official stance is still all bays in the east CP are for business use only .
Plaice on the east are fairly common & a case of pick a bay above 15 and chose your method, bling or not to bling seems to be 50/50 spit so IMO right now it makes little difference of the wall. Rays are about on the wall but smaller than the boats are finding , please check the info on rays on what you can and cant keep, some are protected and all have a minimum size. Dogfish still seem to be all over the place and will hit just about any bait out there. In with the plaice have been a fair few flounders and the numbers seem to be on the up. Im only just starting to hear them 2 words that stress many , “spider crabs” & while some seem to think they are about I have not really seen any real confirmation they have arrived or at least show up in many numbers yet. While the do come into the area to mass breed I cant honestly say its started as yet although 1st signs tend to be as the bream arrive so perhaps there is a link & the crabs feast of bream fry , not sure but will perhaps ask about to see if anyone else has seen this sort of pattern/relationship.! No reports confirmed of bream catches on the wall as yet but imo that cant be far off and just off shore there now seems a better stamp of bass & while catch reports for bass atm on the walls is low as the hours of opening extend we should see more posts regarding bass. A few garfish were had a week ago but that seems to have been it & maybe they were simply following the herring shoals that have faded away. Little I can add re night catches as there have been few night sessions & most have been fairly quiet other than replicating similar catches to the day reports.

This Friday and Saturday (bank hol) there will be night openings (24/7) & we will increase the sessions slowly so as not to immediately have Marina residents pointing at the nasty noisy fishermen that drag fekin trollies clattering through the marina at all hours while making a noise on the walls as well at 2-4 in the ruddy mornings ! yes it is a thing sadly.
Finally, I will repost that there are now portaloo’s installed by a new firm where the previous loo’s were. They are decent and in decent condition. Im told the whole thing will be changed weekly so will keep an eye on that to see how things far. If anyone notices an issue with them please let someone know , we cant resolve ANY issue if we are not made aware of it be it the bog, or a muppet on the wall , please please please , find a way to let us know.
so, if you have managed to read this far I have changed my mind and have decided I will put up a second blog post today that covers the squid comp that went ahead yesterday once ive had a coffee and a stretch on the sofa.

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