BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

round up

Ive not masses to say but the squid i’d say are defo in with daytime and night catches although most are saying night is best and it does seem so. Still some great bass about on the beaches and walls with a decent 9.5lb catch today on the East for Dewan (see fb group for pics)\7 will upload a couple to the bass gallery in a while.
Mackerel and horse mac are still lingering although now the shoals have moved on there are still a fair few coming up on baits.
Seems for some the bass fishing off known marks are also having to contend with the high number of congers about ,again more activity on those at night & if you fancy a lump of slimy sea snake now is the time to target them but please remember congers are ok to take but the silver eels should be returned . Wile they are called silver eels they do come in many colours from silver through browns and green.
Finally a note about Gars, it looks like while clear and calm “yep they are in” and quite a high number of gars are curently being caught. P.S. they make great cod bait, some say decent bass bait also but am yet to be convinced.

wall opening this weekend

East 7 til 5pm except SAT with an extended opening til midnight to allow some squidding.
west FRI/SAT open all night
Over n out for today

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