BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Posted @ 17:44:54 on 02 June 2020

Thursday evening updates

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo A customer  rang the shop to say the blog the last 2 days were not truthful as he fished the west wall for 2 days & it was hard going and no fish …
 for him that obviously was true but,…
as with all my updates I can only go on what I see, what I catch and what others tell me was caught ..or not. Then I decide was the source reliable. Wed report was accurate the extension fished well, there was bass on 1st bay & I then …didn’t report much of anything about the man wall… this doesn’t mean there were no fish ( I saw a few , but not many to report), If the wall was dead or hard work I normally post as suck but .. if im not told I cant report  catches…. so to today 

 I volunteered my son  into fishing the west extension today & helping out by being the “bloke with a green jacket” on, basicly butting a visible person to contact if any issues &  oversee numbers if it got busy (he fished bay 3)

one or 2 pics sent to me via facebook & basicly left him to get on with it (ty Michael) I went up the west for a wander & chat to those fishing  & sniffing for a catch round up & the story of the day was a bit grim & had going  as I got up the  1-10 bay, a few people exercising with feathers to  test lines & blow out cobwebs but little to nothing happening. one group were having fun with a big crab net down the v that was collecting spiders. I stopped n chatted advising the size to keep was 12cm with a limit of 10 per person, they were pleased to be updated with the regs & carried on crabbing.

Mid wall 10-20 similar story , tough going a bream here n there but  resigned  faces to a hard day in the sun,
20-24 a catch report of a few bream & plaice to 2 lads  enjoying  their catching , last I heard 4 bream and 4-6 plaice but not  overly sure if the number was accurate but they were happy.
Extension, Junior had a nice place about 2pm , measured at 36 cm but most of the plaice up there were fairly small and just legal, 2-5 little bream returned but most people saying how quiet it was.

 I have no info how it fished today
Thankyou david J for wearing a green jacket on the east today , your help much appreciated 

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