BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Posted @ 09:58:54 on 06 June 2020

July update and trolley rules

Senior management from within the marina have asked that all anglers be remined that the use of the large barrow trolleys  and ALL supermarket trolleys are not permitted on the walls and should not be used within the marina by anglers not  traveling to a boat when using the barrows. They  are for the exclusive use of berth and boat owners within the marina.

Likewise supermarket trolleys belong in supermarkets , they are not for use on the wall thankyou

Catch round ups . my apologies for not doing any for a few days as preoccupied  getting on with real life. Catch reports for the east to be honest have been a little n few n far between. Most of the decent bass have been taken  on live prawn  and a few on whole squid. A few plaice  some decent , wrasse on the lower bays & occasionally a bream close to bay 8 ish, 

Gar & mackerel on the walls 
 personally seen 4 of each & heard of one other gar on the east wall. mackerel were landed on  a hove beach yesterday evening ( I saw the pic on FB)

west wall doing ok for the bass anglers with prawns  or should I say very well based on the piccys on marina group facebook Bream are ticking over on the west with plenty of keepers . Plaice are popping up all along the west, but not in great  numbers.

A few wrasse & some eels also but again no real numbers .

The real story is the  spider crabs , hoards and hoards have invaded the marina area so a reminder that to keep ,. they should measure 12 cm across the back and a maximum of 10 per session in a 24 hour period per person

A few visitors have remarked on fish care on the wall. Unhooking  fish on the concrete is not good practice , if no  mat is being used please try to use a damp cloth or towel. Kept fish should be  killed as swiftly as possible also


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