BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

not much to say

As the title says , Ive had very little feed back during the week so hard to get a decent picture of the week.
Got onto the wall yesterday evening to be updated by duty warden of an incident mid afternoon just off the wall. A man floating on back in water unresponsive.
A boat angler managed to put his boat between angler and tide flow while awaiting RNLI response that he called. The man was too heavy to get out of water single handed so assisted RNLI crew to bring the man to safety. Recent update from RNLI indicate the man is in recovery after having had a heart attack .
The boat angler praised those fishing on the wall for swift action bringing in lines which is high praise as the boat owner has had issues with poor casting from anglers in the past.
Back on the fishy front there was really nothing to say other than a small run of mackerel on the Saturday morning as the tide reached full. Those and a couple of bream was fairly much it for the WEST wall all day. Come 10.30 pm things were still quiet fish wise but very busy on the wall and at one point @10pm the entry gate was closed due to the west being at capacity.
Through the night there were some decent bream (my guess around the midnight tide) sole and horse mackerel although not in numbers , there was another box of fish that was originally posted but the pic was unclear (to me) as to what was in it, potentially under sized fish but will check in with the poster just to confirm catch and species later today.

No info as yet on how today is going but i will be seeing duty wardens later today as Im on the wall for a few hrs this evening again.

Night catches do seem to be looking up and if the last dregs of may rot clear away from the marina things will pick up rapidly. No signs of mackerel shoals although there were a few caught last night. probably 50/50 mackerel/horse mackerel over the midnight tide.
Finally for today , night time anglers can now get some frozen baits from the duty warden on the west as we have a freezer in the lock up. So if you do require late bait, check in with the night dudes.
so , thats it for today, until tomorrow ….. ADIEU

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