BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters


Good morning world, as you may notice from the home page we have BOTH WALLS OPEN during the week 🙂 for the 1st time this year. Access to the EAST wall is via the side gate along side the café.
PLEASE note that the EAST is ANGLERS ONLY while repair work continues on the upper level.
PLEASE NOTE:-Everyone should remain on the lower levels.
Catch wise plenty of plaice to be had, yesterday was best on the EBB, amongst the plaice you may find sole and flounders. Squid have been confirmed on both walls now although its still early. Herring showing up in a brief flurry usually just prior to the high tide and some may find mackerel amongst the herring shoals. Loads of dogfish out there as well as whiting while bass are also poking their noses out (so to speak). While early for bream it should be worth a go on the higher bays on the east as guilthead bream tend to be the 1st bream catches high up there.
If it hasnt been done already Dave is expected to finish the last bit of jet washing the east wall then look to the west and getting the extension into shape.

Anglers are reminded that curently there are no toilet facilities on the east side so should be prepared to use some level of decency when taking a leak or be prepared to walk back to the main toilets within the marina. on the west if the numbers are there on the wall the duty warden will if asked open the toilet gate up. Its closed simply because we have had issues with climbers going over the extension gate .
Thats the latest for now , ( access to the upper east shouldn’t be too long with work on the east nearly finished)
Tight lines everyone


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