BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Monday after

So, it seems a few questions are flying about night openings on the wall and after having a chat with Dave I can post up the following.

Both walls will start opening at night initially 5 nights (wed to sun) providing the weather is suitable and there are no issues with people climbing up onto the top level of the east wall. (check the site as possible shut on wed)
Work equipment is left up there and the last thing anyone needs is either people tampering with gear or using the upper level as a toilet. The last time we had work on the east the toilet issue got so out of hand the workmen refused to work on the wall if it was left open !

On to the catch bit, loads of Smooth hounds being caught off shore and a fair few on the walls now we are into their breeding season and they are on the feed. Still plenty of rays about and bream are slowly picking up as are the wrasse reports. Again some decent bass to be had and plaice now seem to be a common stand by/go too on the east . Spider crab pest situation atm is not too bad but expect them to increase rapidly now especially on the west. A few mackerel reported yesterday but tbh nothing to shout about and the water colour is still very shiny green emerald hue so the rot is still there but less sticky. A blow or some decent hot weather is needed to break it up or burn it off IMO.

As said earlier there a small blow pushing through wed/thurs that may impact night fishing wed and a possible close on the west wed, maybe thurs though it will be called on a day to day basis so please keep an eye on the home page for open/shut updates
Thats it for today … over n out

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