BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

BRIGHTON MARINA FISHING for the East and West breakwaters

Monday 15th round up

So, a generalisation for last week, I began with a lack of updates ,in my defence I have been putting some time into the new layout though. Monday Tuesday were slow tick over days as far as catches were concerned. Numbers on the wall Monday were low due to wet conditions though Tuesday started steady with the east filling fairly quickly beyond the bend area. If you want space on the higher east numbers (above 15) get there early or only expect single spaces to open up.

Below 15 takes the overflow , very few fish the first 6 bays on the east although at times they can produce some nice fish. Mon/Tues does see a queue to get on both walls but these days there are plenty of spaces. The west ext mon & tues was not busy enough to open the Extension straight away although it did open later for the high tides.

Bass take numbers are down with a decent explanation from Robin on his blog about them being gorged on the tons of spider crabs mid peel which leaves the mainstay on both walls being plaice and bream. Black & guilthead bream are showing up, knowing which bays & when is sometimes down to a little bit of experimenting.

Wednesday saw some mackerel on both walls, not many just enough to get people interested before they disappeared again over the horizon. Again plaice & bream both sided with a mullet low west for one regular that targets them.

Thursday, Friday much the same story for the week, East wall filling when the warden arrives & a few queuing on the west for early access.

The weekend, Yes the walls are busy , in the first hour of the warden opening up the walls filled up. Glorious weather and restricted space on the east combined with “covid” restrictions means the walls fill very early. The thin out if the fishing is hard as the tide drops . Best time to arrive if not first thing ? , mid to low dropping tides as people get bored staring at the water.

A small thankyou to our shop customers, early arrivals are now getting the message of “please wait out of the square in the mornings, It reduces the disturbances to residents who live above the shops inside the square, so thankyou and keep it up.

Trolleys , that message is also getting out, Please do not use any of the Barrows that belong to the marina , they are for berth holders use only, likewise shopping trolleys are not to be used in the marina . You are allowed to bring your own personal wheels/trolleys and are encouraged if you need to cart an entire tackleshop with you.

Catches over the weekend ? .. wow did you read all this so far ? well done.

East saw plaice, gurnard, bream, big crabs , small crabs flounder & a small smoothie im told, The east saw bream , black & guilthead, lobster, plaice & Joe managed a topknott down the side of the wall close to bay 1, not common & a nice add to any species count.

thats it for now, see you soon , Frank

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